Bubble Trouble Dolls - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

Receiving the new Bubble Trouble dolls from Basic Fun has been the highlight of Ava's week - she loves new toys just as much as the next kid especially when they look as cool as these ones. As soon as she saw these dolls in their brightly coloured plastic boxes she squealed in delight and couldn't wait for me to open them for her. Speaking of opening those plastic boxes - they were quite difficult to get into and I was overly fond of the amount of plastic used. Perhaps in future versions, they could think of a more environmentally friendly way to package them.

There are currently four Bubble Trouble dolls to collect; Sundae Funday, Bubblegum Kitty, Watermelon Slice, and Pineapple Punch - all of which look fantastic! I know I would have made a beeline for them when I was a child. We received two out of the four, Watermelon Slive and Bubblegum Kitty - look at them! Aren't they adorable? They are hard-bodied dolls with super squishy, stretchy hair and clothes, they have huge expressive eyes and little pouty lips. They are also scented - Watermelon Slice has a watermelon scent, and Bubblegum Kitty smells just like cats, only kidding - she smells just like bubblegum!

Each Bubble Trouble doll comes with their own squishy pet, certificate of authenticity - a great touch that makes them seem extra special. Their outfits and shoes are removable so children can mix and match their clothes to their heart's content - not Ava though, she likes them to wear their designated themed outfit. It's worth noting that the squishy material picks up all sorts of bits of fluff and lint, however, they are easily cleaned under cold running water. 

These dolls seem to be very popular with Ava - yesterday she took Bubblegum Kitty out on a bike ride! She's already asked Father Christmas for the other two and says she hopes that one day there will be a boy one too! Bubble Trouble dolls retail at £19.99 each and available to buy instore and online at Smyths.


  1. These are so cute - will be a big hit here too

  2. So colourful - looks like the perfect thing for Christmas too!

  3. These look really nice . Very bright and eyecatching