5 Tips for Having the Perfect Caravanning Holiday with Children

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Caravans are quickly becoming the most popular way for families to travel and enjoy a holiday. If you are thinking of taking a trip with a caravan with young kids in tow, check out our quick guide for some helpful tips.

Plan Your Packing Carefully.
Many people make the mistake of packing either too much or too little when planning their caravanning holiday. Be a little ruthless and don’t pack too many toys or games for your kids and instead make sure you pack some of the consumables you will need on your journey. Caravan sites are usually expensive when you want to buy simple things like washing up liquid or laundry powder, so be sensible and remember to pack these kinds of items to save yourself money on the road.

Make Sure You Pack with Children in Mind.
Caravans are a great way to travel with children, as you can take a lot of things with you and include some of the comforts from home that give them reassurance. Pack with children in mind though; it is no good packing away the things they will likely need at the back of all your packing space or tucked away somewhere that is difficult to access quickly. They need to be close to hand for when they decide they need them.

Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s.
Just about anyone with a standard driving license can tow a caravan (provided the combined weight is less than 3.5 tonnes), but make sure your licence is up to date and has the appropriate permissions. The last thing you want to happen when you are travelling with children is to get into trouble with the authorities, as it can be very distressing and worrying for little ones.

You should also check your insurance. Many car insurance policies don’t extend their coverage to something you’re towing, so you should make sure you insure your caravan before travelling. You can use a comparison site to ensure you save money that can be put towards your holiday.

Try and Get Friends Involved.
One way to make a caravanning trip a lot of fun is to get friends to join you on the adventure. If you have friends with children that your kids enjoy playing with, they are the perfect travelling companions for you and your family. A convoy of caravans is also a better way to travel, as you can all help each other out and your children can play together and keep each other entertained on day trips.

Don’t Stick to Your Routines.
Let the kids stay up late. It sounds like a bad idea, but it actually works quite well on a caravanning holiday. They may be sleepy the next day, but if you are travelling, that helps keep them quiet while they rest in the car! You can also spend extra time together as a family this way; you can stay up together to gaze at the stars or even try out the family disco at the campsite if you like. Travelling with kids can be a headache, but a caravan holiday can actually be an easier way to take young children on holiday without having to negotiate an airport or go abroad. When not give it a try yourself?

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