Family Game Night With SpinMaster

 AD - This is a PR collaboration.

8 months into lockdown and the kids have quickly exhausted most of their toys, games, and activities - If I hear I'm bored one more time.. Thankfully, SpinMaster came to the rescue by sending them a bundle of their games to review - hurray!

First up we have Grouch Couch - the furniture with attitude game. The kids laughed when they saw it in the box so of course, wanted to open it first. Contents include; 16 treats, 15 lost goodies, 1 dice, and of course the Grouch Couch - it requires 3AAA batteries.

The name of the game is to take turns in feeding Grouch Couch lots of tasty treats, then press the remote control and wait to see what happens next! He might burp, grumble, eat the treats and hopefully, he'll reward you with a lost goodie coin! The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins and is treated to the victory song! It's a brilliant game, one that's made the kids laugh so much, full-on belly laughs. Grouch couch is suitable for children from 5 years of age, retails at £19.99, and is available to buy at most leading toy stores.

Next, we have Beat The Parents which is suitable for children from 6 years of age. Ava was a little young for this, but she still insisted on playing too. Inside the box, you'll find; the game board, 2 player figures, 110 question cards, 50 challenge cards, and the instructions. Noah was quite excited by all the prepping because he said it was a game for big kids like him.

It's kids VS parents in the fun trivia and skill board game. Each question card features specific questions for parents and kids - lots of which left us scratching our heads! I can't say we are the best a general trivia, haha. The challenge cards were even more fun - we had staring contents, sang songs with our tongues sticking out, and had to hunt around the house for items of various colours. The team that gets to the other side of the board first, wins! I can see us getting many years out of play with this game - it's such a laugh and great for friendly competition. It retails at just £10.99 which I think is a real bargain.

The third and final game was Headbanz! It's suitable for children from 7 years of age and retails at £9.99. Inside the box, there are 68 clue cards, 6 question cards, 6 headbands, a timer, and 24 chips. The game is suitable for up to 6 players - lots of fun for even extended family and friends.

This game is pretty self-explanatory, and simple, yet so much fun. You simply place the cartoon cards on your headband and then ask questions to try to guess what's on your head. You could be an animal, food, or an object. The first person to guess right wins! Hedbanz was our favourite out of the three games. We all had so much fun playing it, although Ava didn't quite understand and kept shouting out what was on our cards. You can buy all games online, and in-store at most good toy stores. Which game do you like the sound of the most?


  1. Sounds like lots of fun games!

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