Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery to Big School

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The move from nursery school to big school is a significant change in your child’s life, and they need to be prepared for the size of that change. That is why I’ve teamed with a Nursery School in London to take you through some things you can do to help them feel prepared. 

Prepare Them For A New Environment

Big school means new school, and that means a new building filled with new people. That can be daunting for a child. A way you can help is to make sure that you both pay a visit to the school before term starts, get into the classroom and meet the teacher. It will make the first day feel much less intimidating if they have already been there before and met their teacher. 

Start A Morning Routine

Even before they start at school, try to build a sense of routine into your child’s morning;. That means coming down at a certain time for breakfast, getting changed and being ready for the day. It’s the kind of routine they’ll need to get used to, so start bringing it into your home a little before they start. You should also make sure your lunchtime is at the same time of day that it would be at school, so then they will get used to their mealtimes being at that time. 

Encourage Independence 

Moving to big school does mean that your child will be spending less time with you. This can be tough for both child and parent, but it is something you should prepare for nonetheless. Set up playdates with kids who will be their classmates, where you perhaps leave them in the care of another parent for a couple of hours. If they’re used to being away from you every now and again, then the time spent away from you at school won’t be as much of a shock.

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