The Importance of Pastoral Care in Schools

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Pastoral care is the act of looking after your emotional and mental well-being, so it is not hard to see why having pastoral care at school is so important to your children. That is why I’ve collaborated with a Prep School in Surrey to highlight the importance of pastoral care being a part of your child’s education and development.  

Why is it important? 

Pastoral care teaches your children to be aware about how they’re feeling both physically and mentally. It encourages them to be more open with their emotions, as well as teaches them a greater sense of empathy when it comes to understanding how their actions can make other people feel. It is fundamental in teaching your children important life and social skills that will make them a better-adjusted adult. 

How to Recognise Good Pastoral Care in School 

Seeing how dedicated a school is to pastoral care should be something that is easy to spot. Many schools will offer subjects like PSHE that specifically focuses on the subject of teaching life skill.s It will also be apparent in the relationship between students and staff. School’s with a strong sense of community often are demonstrating a commitment to creating an environment that makes pupils feel safe and supported.

If you want to find out more about your school’s commitment to pastoral care, ask the staff questions. They should be more than happy to put your mind at ease by demonstrating their commitment to the pupils well being in every sense of the word.

The real evidence of good pastoral comes from the kind of young adult your child grows up into being. Good pastoral care will make them someone who is responsible and knows how to look after themselves and others, with a keen sense of how to be an active member of any community.

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