Moving to Athens - All you need to know

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At some point you may need to change your country of residence, whether you find a new job, or move to another part of the company you work for, or - more recently - you better see your future in another country, such as Greece and specifically in its city. Athens.

Whatever the reason for this significant change, whether it involves work, study, or something else, the fact is that this change sometimes consists in moving. So the moment is coming and you are thinking about where to start the preparation, or when is the right time to move. We have tried to summarize the most important things to consider in case you move abroad, so keep reading to learn all those important things you need to know before moving to the city of Athens.

1. Issuance of passport or card. Having the necessary documents in your hands is the first step and the basis for being able to move abroad.

2. Searching and securing a job. Securing a job is an essential step. Some companies offer the possibility of online applications, while most mainly seek face-to-face chat. Check in advance what you can expect and prepare for it. Look for local employment services, ask them what documents you may need to bring with you when you visit them. Keep in mind that you may need to prepare some things in advance: depending on your plans for the country you want to move to, you may need to have copies of diplomas certified by a notary or a valid translation institute. Knowing these little details can save you a lot of effort later when planning your relocation.

3. Find a home. There is no doubt that it is important to find the right place for you to stay and be available in the new country where you will live unless of course, you plan to be hosted by a relative or friend. If the latter is not your case, then you can search for information on the internet and contact the local real estate agencies for a house or an apartment.

4. Make your budget. Once you are aware of the vacancies that exist in this country and the cost of renting the house that you will live in, estimate how much money you will need to cover your basic needs during your first month in the country, until you at least receive your first salary from the new job. In some cases, you may be asked to have a certain amount available in your bank account before you arrive in the country.

5. Seek and find out about the country's laws regarding health care and retirement. Once you live in another country, it will be good to know about the taxes you will pay, the social security contributions, check where you can pay, what the deadlines are, and how much it will cost you. For this purpose, it will be useful for you to contact a local accounting firm and a law firm in the Athens area. By trusting experienced real estate lawyers in Athens from a reputable law firm you will protect yourself from all those threats you may face during your new establishment in the Greek capital.

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