Planning Your Stay In Greece - Where To Go

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If you think Greece is only its summer, its sun, islands, and lacy beaches, you are (almost) mistaken. The beauties of this country are inexhaustible, from end to end, giving you the opportunity to explore and discover places that meet all your desires. Greece is the ideal country to plan your vacation, whether you are a fan of the mountain, the sea or the countryside. Prominent and lesser-known places are waiting for you to discover your next vacation, which will undoubtedly remain forever etched in your memory. So let's find out together those suggested places that guarantee fantastic memories for you and your loved ones:

Athens: Take a walk in its retro neighbourhoods
It does not mean to live in the capital (or to have visited it) and not to have got a taste of old Athens. Stroll for breakfast in one of the oldest districts of Europe, Plaka, and get lost in the markets of Monastiraki. Ideally, start from Dionysiou Areopagitou to reach Plaka. Feel its aura, immortalize something from ancient history that is reflected in the Monument of Lysicrates, the Clock of the Lord (Winds), the church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. Go up to the Cycladic neighbourhood of Anafiotika, have a coffee in the picturesque shops perched on Mnisikleous street's steps, and then have a taste of good food in the tiled taverns until you complete strolling through the beach.

Monemvasia: A magical castle-city
Are you ready to become the fairy tale heroes in the ultimate romantic two-day event for two in the only inhabited Castle City of the country? Take your partner and give yourself a trip to the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese to be left on the paths of Psychos! The towering rock of Monemvasia hides a charming stone state with wild and, at the same time, attractive beauty. The ascent to its cobbled streets and the stones carved by time unfolds step by step the tangle of its history, while at the same time the picturesque house inside the castle, which lives in its own rhythms with hostels, and small taverns.

Pelion: In the place of 4 seasons
Few Hands can accommodate exceptional travel challenges all seasons of the year! The summer residence of the gods and homeland of the Centaurs, Pelion, with the combination of mountain and sea to become its strongest paper and the colours of nature to paint its 24 villages with unique touches in each season, becomes love at first sight. For romantics, for nature lovers, for adventure lovers, for lovers of relaxation, for avid swimmers, from the tourist Tsagarada and the impressive Agios Lavrentios or the picturesque Milies, the beautiful beaches from Kato Lechonia, Nefra and Fakro, Overlooking the Pagasitikos and the Aegean, everyone puts their own little stone in this earthly paradise.

Serifos: The Cycladic island of castles
Serifos is an island in the western Cyclades, known for its ancient towers, castles, monasteries, and the capital of Chora with its whitewashed buildings at the top of a hill. The island has a total of 72 beaches. Among the most popular are Psili Ammos, Genema, and Livadakia.

Some of the remarkable buildings on the island include an island, including the Monastery of Taxiarches, built in the 14th century. You may want to visit the White Tower, the remains of an ancient observatory, at the top of a hill. The island is famous among divers, and several companies offer diving.

We could list endless fantastic destinations in Greece to visit all year round, but this article would be pretty extensive. So you have the opportunity to discover all the above incredible destinations, visiting places that will certainly not go unnoticed. Now, suppose you are looking for accommodation options that will save you money and time. In that case, all you have to do is use the hotel search engine of to discover all those accommodation options that cover all the important and remarkable areas of the country.

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