How To Raise An Environmentally Conscious Child

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Climate change is no longer something we can ignore. More and more people are adapting their lives to take control of their carbon footprint and to help protect the planet. Educating children about the significance of climate change is essential, and is a responsibility that falls on every parent. Introducing kids to environmentalism from an early age will teach them how to live their lives in harmony with the natural world. For some tips on where to start, take a look at the advice from an independent school in Surrey.

Be A Role Model
Simply talking to your child about climate change isn't enough. You need to advocate for environmentalism in your day-to-day life to set an example for them to follow. Expressing your own interest and enthusiasm will inspire them and will help to raise them in an environment where climate change is very much a part of the conversation. Try to live your life in an eco-friendly way and your child will adopt your good habits.

Get Into Nature
Talking about melting ice caps and temperature change can easily be lost on a small child. It's important to frame environmentalism in a way that caters to their level of understanding. Immerse your child in nature at every opportunity you have, and help them develop an affinity with the natural world. Explore local parks, collect leaves, feed ducks, put a bird feeder in your garden. Explain how important it is that we do what we can to look after the plants and wildlife you come across.

Make It Fun
Children are much more likely to show interest in things they find enjoyable. Make recycling into a game, perhaps using a scoreboard to add points whenever they put an item into the recycling bin. Get your hands dirty in the garden by planting a vegetable patch. Kids will love to get involved with the planting of seeds and will feel a sense of pride when they get to harvest something they have grown themselves.

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