Why is Community Involvement Important for Children?

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Children that often take part in community projects in and around school are beneficial for a number of reasons, with the main ones being that children have a sense of belonging, have an opportunity to learn about other people’s difficulties and have a place to go if they need support. These strong skills and support systems can develop children into more compassionate people and give them a lot of advice they can take through to adulthood. In this guide from this girls independent school in Surrey we explore these benefits and how your child will benefit from community involvement too.

Children learn about others’ difficulties
Children have the chance to learn about what common struggles a lot of families, communities and councils regularly have to face, and what can be done to help alleviate these struggles for others. Taking part in community-led projects gives children the chance to give back to the community, whether it’s through efforts done at school, charity events or by your child’s own initiative, they all play a part.

Connecting with others
Your child will feel a huge sense of belonging when taking part in community initiatives, as well as learning to communicate with others and be a part of a large team. Even the smaller wins are great for social groups and organisations. Connecting with others is a huge part of what makes community groups profitable and allows children to use their communication and socialisation skills.

Improved safety and support for your child
Even in an extracurricular setting there are a number of people your child will need to turn to if there’s an issue. Having that sense of community around them will deepen their connections with others and also have the ability to rely on others should they need help. You and your child have built a support system that you can also utilise should the need arise, bringing you a strong sense of security.

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