The Benefits of Arts & Crafts For Children

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Nothing seems to make a child’s eyes light up quite like a box of fuzzy pipe cleaners, tubes of glitter, and colourful construction paper. Aside from just being delightfully messy, arts and crafts give children the opportunity to explore and unleash their creativity. To help uncover the host of benefits of an afternoon spent making macaroni necklaces or treasured fridge-door artwork, we have teamed up with an independent school in Somerset, which has shared some of the physical and mental advantages.

Fine Motor Skills
Using tools such as pencils, paintbrushes and scissors help children master their fine motor schools. The more they practice using these muscle groups the more their dexterity and control will improve. These skills can be transferred to things such as writing or typing, which then support them in their academic learning and wider education.

Creativity and Critical Thinking
Unstructured play is essential for children to develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills. Arts and crafts give children the opportunity to exercise their imaginations and tap into their creativity. You can start your child off with a loose objective for their arts and craft projects, such as painting a picture for Grandad but try not to be too specific about what they should create. This allows them to come up with their own ideas and builds their confidence in exploring their creativity.

Kids can use artwork to express feelings or emotions they might otherwise struggle to articulate. Drawing pictures is a great way for kids to reflect on events that have taken place or to process things they may be worrying about in a way in which they feel in control. This gives parents an insight into how their child is feeling and what they're thinking about, and can flag up any potential issues

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