Interesting facts you didn’t know about Cornwall

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Cornwall is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and a favourite among holiday seekers. Although lockdown restrictions have been lifted in the UK, many are still hesitant to travel abroad. A large number of Brits opted for a summer staycation this year, and Cornwall was a popular choice. Cornwall is blessed with hundreds of stunning beaches and coastal towns. It’s the perfect place for a traditional British beach holiday or weekend of relaxation.

After the pandemic, many people are looking to move away from the city lifestyle and into the rural countryside. Good Move found that Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon and Durham are among the best places to live in the UK. Their research was based on population density, crime rates, amount of green space and much more. Cornwall has some of the lowest crimes rates in the country and is a highly sought-after destination.

If you are interested in visiting Cornwall, here are a few facts you might not have known.

Cornwall has the longest coastline in England
It’s no surprise that Cornwall has the longest coastline in all of England’s countries, at a whopping 433 miles. It has more than 300 beaches and plenty of swimming spots. Cornwall is renowned for its breath-taking white beaches and turquoise water. Just be aware, the water is much colder than it looks.

It only has one city
Cornwall is hardly the place to go for a city break. However, it does have one city called Truro, with England’s youngest Cathedral built in 1910.

Cornish pasties contribute millions to the local economy
If you visit Cornwall, you need to try a traditional Cornish pasty. They are simply delicious, and they contribute a staggering £150 million to the local economy.

It’s a popular filming set
The beautiful views are the perfect backdrop for TV shows and movies. Like Poldark and Doc Martin, popular TV shows were filmed in Cornwall, among other famous movies.

It has a lot of history
The UK is brimming with history, and Cornwall is no exception. The coastal county was a Celtic nation back in the day, and its Cornish name was Kernow. Wales, Scotland, Britany, Galicia, and the Isle of Man were also Celtic nations. Cornwall was also involved in the English Civil War, and it remained royalist. The Battle of Lostwithiel in 1644 was only half a mile from Trenython Manor in Cornwall.

There are a few ghosts
There is supposedly a ghost coach with headless horses around Penryn at Christmas time. If you’re visiting Cornwall in the festive season, keep your eyes peeled for him! Cornwall has something to offer for everyone – from tourists to potential property buyers.

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