Why Are Chores Important for My Child's Overall Development?

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To give children autonomy, self-respect, and an understanding of their own responsibilities, one would recommend giving them age-appropriate chores. These chores allow children to understand the elements that constitute their own personal development. In this guide from an independent girls school in London, we take you through the ways chores improve your child’s developmental skills and boost their confidence.

Children are taught the importance of being responsible
Being responsible is a core technique in training children to look after themselves and be able to act like mature and reliable adults. They’re learning how to complete tasks for themselves, essentially, so by giving them chores and other tasks to do on a regular basis they’re learning how to do things they’ll eventually be doing without your supervision.

Children are taught how to use their initiative
Wouldn’t you love it to come home to a clean house because someone took the initiative? It’s a great skill to have and can really impress friends and parents because they took responsibility and thought they could help out at home. Training children to know when a house needs tidying can prepare them for looking after their own homes in the future and keeping on top of their cleanliness. This can also give children a sense of accomplishment once their chores are done.

Children can see the benefits of being rewarded
A lot of motivation to complete chores is done through rewarding your child, but while that’s tempting to do each week it should only be done in certain circumstances. To make rewards seem more like your child’s earning them, set up a chart where your child can receive gold stars to work towards bigger rewards. Children are learning how to set goals, work hard for good results and try their best with the chores they’re given, even if they don’t get it right the first time around.

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