Protecting Your Family Beyond Health and Safety


Whether you are single, a couple or a family, protection is chief among your responsibilities. Yet when you think of protection, you probably think of crime prevention, illnesses and security. However, the umbrella of protection extends further than immediate danger. Protecting your family beyond health and safety issues is a complex subject, however. Like health and safety, you need to think short term, but there are also long-term plans to be made. Such plans include insurance, legal issues, college funds and online safety.

Legal Representation

Most people overlook the need for legal representation. In many cases, you may not think of a lawyer until you need one. While there are many advantages to calling a qualified lawyer when the need arises, you can also retain a lawyer for optimal service. For instance, if you crash your new pride and joy while out on a night ride, knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys who personally know you are available and on-call 24/7. You can ensure better service from a lawyer with a retention payment plan. This way, your lawyer gets to know you, and you can call them any time for any reason you may need legal advice.

Adequate Insurance

Further to the law, insurance is a significant factor in the modern world. Insurance covers everything from personal injury to your home being hit by a plane and everything in between. Additionally, Covid-19 insurance is one of the most important policies you need to think about these days. Especially when you travel. However, it is highly advantageous if you pay to begin a life insurance policy. With life insurance, you can ensure your family will be financially compensated should the worst happen. It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Financial Planning

A recent survey in the UK found that almost 40% of people don't feel confident about money management. And this figure is echoed globally. Financial planning and the correct way to handle money isn't taught in school when it really should be. You can better manage out cash with the following:

  • Track spending habits

  • Make a budget and stick to it

  • Save when you can 

  • Always plan ahead and pay bills on time

  • Cancel services you don't use

  • Save up rather than use credit cards for expensive items

  • Invest money if possible

Poor financial planning increases the chances of money mismanagement. Mismanagement of your money typically leads to using credit wrong, insufficient savings and trouble managing essential bills. All of which will have serious consequences further down the line. 

Parental Controls

You are probably aware of video game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. Yet you may not be aware of the video games your children are playing. Many video games are violent and not suitable for kids. Depending on where you live, video games are rated using Pan European Games Information (PEGI) systems in Europe. These systems are in place to protect kids and provide guidance to adults. Yet children may sneak into a game like Grand Theft Auto and play it without you knowing. However, you can set parental controls on modern video games consoles, which makes unsuitable games inaccessible.

Online Safety

Further to devices, when it comes to the safety of your children, the online world can be a dangerous place. Abuse at home is common, yet child grooming occurs when a predator slowly convinces a child to do something they should not. Examples include sending explicit images and videos, talking to other sex offenders and meeting them in a physical location. These contribute to anxiety and depression. And the proliferation of mobile devices makes this easier for criminals. However, you can use network monitoring apps like Net Nanny and Norton Family to block access to specific sites and monitor texts and calls. 

Education and College Funds

While it isn't necessary for a better future, a good education goes a long way. Especially if your kids hope to enter a specialized sector. For example, the study of law is not taught in schools. Therefore, the law school must be paid for privately. Yet, the average cost of a college education is rising all the time. For instance, the average cost of a college education in the UK is £22,000 and $25,000 in the United States. And these are generous figures, with the actual price likely to be much higher. Additionally, the cost of education rises year on year. There is help available in loans and scholarships, yet you will be expected to contribute a large portion of the costs.

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