Helping Your Child Become a Confident Problem Solver

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Problem-solving kids are all around us, but they can greatly benefit from a parent’s direction at times. A lot of children will be solving problems through their time in school, but parents can also help them in their confidence to navigate issues with ease. Here are some top tips that this nursery in Herefordshire recommends.

Give them different games to test their thought processes
Trial and error is the best way of helping a child with their understanding of solving problems. Facilitate this by having a number of games and educational activities that will challenge their ability to think critically and look at what they do to manage a problem. Games and activities usually cater to children as solving problems will usually be fun and exciting.

Help them to identify the problem
Not all problems your child will face will come from playing games each week, some of them will happen naturally and others will appear in school lessons. The first thing children should do is work on identifying the problem first. If they can learn to identify what’s going on then they’ll be able to break down the problem they’re having much easier.

Sit down with them first and show them what the problem is from your perspective, and see if they agree. They may view the situation differently than you and have another opinion on the matter. Work with them to reach a level playing field.

Define the pros and cons
A problem can sometimes have as many pros as there are cons, so it’s important to identify them early on. Your child then learns how they can approach the problem through viewing what could be the best outcome at the time. Then they’re going to become more confident as time goes on with their skills, as they work around what they can realistically manage.

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