How to Raise a Compassionate Child

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To raise a child that understands compassion, you should start by providing your child with little ways they can grow up in a world of kindness at home. Naturally, over time, your child will become aware of compassion and how it will help them with a range of skills and the understanding of other key moral values. To discover how to raise a compassionate child, here are some tips from this prep school in London.

Model compassion around the home
Having someone to look to when understanding compassion is half the battle. The more your child is encouraged to follow your advice, the greater the chances are of them being kind and respectful towards you too. Children will first try their skills of compassion on you, so if you train them in the right way they’ll soon be able to pick it up naturally.

Give them chores and responsibility
Providing tasks your child can pick up, that contribute to the home or a local area, will show them just how important it is to take responsibility for themselves. Giving them chores and independent tasks will show them what it means to own something and make a difference, even if it looks like they’re just cleaning a room. Having that chance to tidy something up will demonstrate how much you do around the home on your own, and they’ll become more thankful for what you do.

Praise your child when they’re being kind
Your child will probably find a few ways to be kind without outside direction. A friend at school might be upset, and they want to offer ways that they can help. Your child may offer their brother or sister a hand in their homework or ask if they want to play together. These are both examples of where you can step in and show how proud you are of them and what they’re doing.

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