Summer Travel Ideas for Families

It’s that time again! Time to think about where you’re going to go on your summer vacation this year. If you are stuck on ideas this year, there’s no need to be. Even if you’re a traveling family, there are plenty of new places to experience, and ones that are suitable for all the family.  

Riviera Maya

It’s time for a special summer getaway, and one of the best places for families with kids is Riviera Maya in Mexico. Mexico is the perfect family vacation because it offers sunshine, beaches, urban centers, culture, and plenty of entertainment for children and adults. 

If you decide to make the trip to Mexico, stay in Riviera Maya. Riviera Maya is in the southwest of the country on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It has excellent access to coastlines and theme parks, not to mention the ancient Mayan culture sites, a trip you are unlikely to forget.     

Puglia, Italy 

Puglia is located in the south of Italy and makes the perfect spot for a family vacation. This area is traditional and quaint, meaning it has a lot of authentic Italian towns and villages. However, it also has plenty to do for kids of all ages, such as swimming pools and scuba diving. 

When you visit Puglia in Italy, you will stay in a small town that looks like it jumped out of a fairytale; you will enjoy a quiet local town with excellent proximity to beaches and local entertainment. If you visit Puglia in July or August, you can enjoy the rich Italian festivals.  

The Algarve

The Algarve is located in the Faro district of Portugal; this is in the far south of the country and enjoys amazing sunshine and incredible natural beauty. The Algarve is also an excellent place for family vacations because of the proximity to beaches, consistent climate, and relaxation. 

If you decide to visit The Algarve this summer with your family, why not visit in style. Instead of staying in an ordinary hotel, you could stay in a luxury villa at a great price. Visit luxury villas in quinta do lago for more information on what is available and how to find a quote for your trip.


The Maldives are a set of islands located in the Indian Ocean; they are south of India and therefore enjoy a warm subtropical climate and incredible marine life. The Maldives also makes a suitable vacation for families because there are so many activities to do for kids and adults

If you love marine life, you’re in the right place when you visit the Maldives. Choose from watersports and beach-based activities; you can also go sailing and scuba diving. In the Maldives, you are likely to see tropical creatures that you will remember for years to come. 

Brittany, France

If you prefer a vacation packed with rugged cliffs, castles, and windswept landscapes, head north to Brittany, France. Brittany is a vacation that ticks all the boxes; it offers a magical setting with plenty of things to do for kids and adults, such as sightseeing, cycling, sailing, and eating.

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