What to Do if Your Child Doesn't Enjoy School

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School is vital for children to attend as its puts them where they should be in their learning and development… but what do you do if your child detests it? It’s not uncommon for children to dislike school but if they’re adamant that they don’t want to go and are showing signs of concern, it’s something that you should speak to them about alongside their teachers. If any of this sounds familiar, continue reading for guidance from a boarding school in Ireland.

Speak to Your Child
As mentioned above, the first step is for you to speak to your child to understand why they feel the way that they do. Reassure them by letting them know that you’re there to listen and help as it may be hard for them to open up about their problems. If they are more complex, you may find that their teacher can help and offer professional advice.

Speak to Their Teacher
If you’re not able to gauge what’s wrong with your child, speaking to their teacher may help as they are able to observe their behaviour in class and anything else that may be affecting them. Together, you can speak to them and create a plan of action.

Additional Help
No one likes doing the things that they are bad at. If your child doesn’t enjoy school, it may be that they’re struggling academically and can benefit from some extra support. Again, you can speak to their teacher to arrange something or find new ways of explaining things to them. Private tuition is another option that’s worth considering and could also help them with their confidence.

Celebrate Their Achievements
Your child will go through many milestones at school and it’s important to recognise and celebrate each one of them. By doing so, you give your child things to look forward to, feel proud about and help them enjoy going to school.

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