7 Best Places to Throw a Kids Birthday Party in New Jersey

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New Jersey is best known for casinos and more adult fun, but it is also a fantastic place to celebrate a child's birthday. Here are seven of the best places for a kids birthday in New Jersey.

Liberty State Park
One of the cheaper options, which is great for a family on a budget, this beautiful park offers great views across to the Manhattan skyline and has plenty of open spaces so you can enjoy a picnic, play games, and, when they are on, enjoy the many open air performances.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise
If you are heading to the Cape May area, why not treat your child and their friends to this gorgeous cruise. You will spend three hours on the boat, looking out for these big beautiful creatures and feeling awed at their magnificence. The three-hour tour is guided by a marine expert who knows where to look for the whales and dolphins and can explain a little about them to their fascinated audience.

Turtle Back Zoo
Apparently a part zoo, part funfair this zoo is packed with wonderful animals from all over the world, and boasts a range of rides, carousels and activities. It is a great place for a wonderful day out for the whole family – and the more the merrier, why not let your children bring their friends along too?

Camden Adventure Aquarium
With 15,000 sea animals, fish, crustaceans and more to view, you are sure to spend many happy hours in the aquarium. You can even walk through the underwater tunnel, watching fish and mammals swim overhead. Aquariums like this are loved by children of all ages and your choice of destination is sure to be a big hit.

Liberty Science Centre
Science is not just for school, and is, in fact, even better when learning about science is fun. The Science Centre is an especially good choice if it turns out to be rainy during your visit to New Jersey. There are loads of fun activities, plenty of exciting interactive exhibits, and many interesting items and ideas that will get your youngsters thinking that science is a lot of fun.

Hard Rock Café
Perhaps the most famous café chain in the world, the celeb memorabilia collecting Hard Rock Café is a must-see eatery for any visitor to New Jersey. If your celebration is a particularly important one: double digits, perhaps, or the advent of the teens – why not make it a full celebrity experience by arriving in limo before dining out in style? Check out professional limo services in New Jersey and get the car of your dreams, even if it is just for one night.

Keansburg Amusement Park
Half theme park, half water park, this venue is splashing good fun for all. There is a beach nearby, there are go-karts to put through their paces, a haunted house to spook each other in, and so more. If that all sounds far too exciting, you can even go fishing off the pier!

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