5 Important Life Skills to Explore with Your Child

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As a parent, you want to see your child become independent and able to do things for themselves. To prepare them for the real world, there are 5 skills that are important to explore. Communication, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, numeracy, and critical thinking. Below we talk about them in more detail as well as how you can help your child to develop them.


Communication skills are a vital part of everyday life and we’re met with social situations all the time. Your child will likely encounter many situations where they need help from others or need to vocally express how they feel and their ideas. You can help them in this area by encouraging conversation at home. Speak to your child about how their day went and ask for their take on things.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is another. Nothing worthwhile comes easily as they say and it’s likely that your child will come across a dilemma or two. Sometimes you have to stray away from what you know and think outside of the box to find more effective ways of doing things. You can help your child to do the same by encouraging them to consider new perspectives and posing questions that encourage them to think differently.

Critical Thinking

Developing critical thinking skills will ensure that your child makes the best decisions for themselves and does not take everything at face value.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is just as important as communication. It’s the way in which you say things that has the biggest impact sometimes and different situations call for different approaches to avoid causing offence or upset. It’s essentially having an understanding and awareness of others’ emotions and is something you can work on by talking about feelings - how they feel to those experiencing them and what they look like.


Numeracy is a basic skill that we all need to get around. We need it for everything from shopping to organising and prioritising time.

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