Nonabox Subscription Box - October Edition

I have previously reviewed the September Nonabox and gave you the low down on the company, concept, service and product. So if you want to read more about that then please take a look at my previous post

This post is purely to review the highly anticipated October Nonabox. Was it a thumbs up or thumbs down from bump and I? Read on to find out.

So here is what I found in my box this month -

At first glance I was impressed as there are a lot of suitable products in there for a pregnant lady like myself. There are also goodies which will be suitable for my newborn when he arrives. This was an improvement from last months box.

Cloud B Sheep on the go - I was happy to see another Cloud B cutie in my box although it would of been nice to have a different brand inside. It is a plush teddy which has a soothing sound machine inside. I prefer it without cause I can't imagine my baby finding those sounds soothing. I don't know if I got a faulty sound box but the heartbeat sound bite sounds like music of a horror film! Still it's a lovely toy without the sound box.

x2 Pasito A Pasito Dummy Clips
- I don't know how I feel about dummy clips yet. I guess I can only form an opinion on them once our son is here. They are really attractive clips though and look very well made. The idea of a bell on one doesn't seem like a good idea to me though.

Difrax Dummy
- A BPA free dummy which is suitable from newborn. I am unable to read the packaging as it is Dutch but it looks like a nice product and one our baby will use if he takes to a dummy.

x2 Mama Mio Stretch Mark Butter - A pregnant woman can never have too much stretch mark cream and this thick lotion really soothes my stretch marks which are sore and itchy most days. 

x1 Waterwipes - I received these in my September box too. They are sample size but will come in handy. They are a product that I am looking forward to use once the baby has been born. 

x2 - Teapigs Tea Bags - Two sample caffeine free tea bags. The taste was a bit strong for me but by adding a bit of sugar it was very refreshing.  

Pebbles Pedi Wand - My feet have gone through the wars during pregnancy especially when I was still working. It is near enough impossible to reach my feet with my bump in the way but that gives me an excuse to ask my other half do it instead!  

Waterbaby Pregnancy Drink - I'm looking forward to sampling this, it's in the fridge chilling as I type. It's described as a pregnancy care drink. It is citrus flavoured and contains folic acid amongst other vitamins. 

As I have previously said I was happy with this months box. Although after reading other people's reviews I don't understand why something like a burp cloth would be given in a toddler box but not in a pregnancy/newborn box. I would of been happy to see it in my box as it is a lot more useful and practical than say two dummy clips. 

What do you think of my box? Have you subscribed?

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I have the october box also (review coming tomorrow) the dummy clips do come in handy, i never thought of buying them when I was pregnant but i do actually use them now when we go out. I only received one of them though and a rattle by the same brand. I think they do need to look at who they are sending the products to if they dont suit the buyer, each of my boxes have suited me but i see what you mean with the dummy clips vs burp cloth ect.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. I have had another look and one of the dummy clips are classed as a "little chain." I won't know if I will use the dummy clip until he is here but willing to try them out. I'm still happy with the box as I have said, it had a lot of useful items inside. Thanks for the comment. x

  2. I read the 'burp cloth toddler' post too! They seem like great boxes but I do worry that my 13 month old with get things that we won't get use out of x

    1. I was a little disappointed it wasn't in my box. But it's a little bit of nit picking! x

  3. As a mother of three who's never really used dummies I think i'd be pretty miffed at a dummy and two dummy clips in it. However, That sheep looks absolutely adorable.

  4. I've been contemplating getting a subscription box of some kind :)