Pregnancy Diary: Week 35


35 Weeks Pregnant.

Now I am at the 35 week milestone my baby seems so close and within my reach. The thought that he could be here in just 5 weeks time is incredible. Where has the time gone? I say that every week but my pregnancy and this year has gone so fast it's frightening but also very exciting!

As the pregnancy draws to an end my symptoms don't change too drastically week by week. One a whole I feel great but it is getting increasingly more uncomfortable to do simple little things. I have felt pressure on my cervix for a while now but this week I feel so sore as there is a lot of weight down there. If I have been sat down for a while, then stand up I feel everything drop, it is so uncomfortable and makes it very difficult to walk. I am also struggling to sleep at night time. I will just lie in bed exhausted but my mind just won't shut off. I lie there for hours just dreaming about the day we meet our baby, holding his little hand and having that first cuddle. Then as soon as I hear the birds chirping and it starts to go light I seem to be able to sleep. Maybe it's my body's way of telling me our baby is going to be a night owl just like me. My body's way of preparing me for all those sleepless nights. I'm ready for them, bring it on! 

I don't really feel much bigger on the bump scale this week but I have a feeling that I may really pop over the next few weeks. Our boy is still
 very active in my belly but now that he is running out of space his movements are more like big turns and shifts rather than sharp little kicks. Every movement feels amazing even the strong rib prods and the little hands tickling behind my hip bone.  

I had my baby shower this week and I blogged all about it here. It was an incredible night, surrounded by my fantastic family and friends. We had lots of yummy treats and played lots of fun games. It will be a night I will remember forever.  

That's it for another week. I wonder how many more of these posts I will write before he decides to enter the world. I could be writing a 41 week post, but I really hope not. I have begun getting really impatient now and just want him here with us. We cannot wait to meet him!


  1. Heh, nice post. Babies work to their time schedule, not yours. ;O)

  2. I love reading how happy you sound! You are so excited and honest in your posts, it is really refreshing!

    I really enjoy reading and finding out how things are going!

    All the best!

  3. I feel your pain!! Im only 23 weeks pregnant and struggling, but this is my 2nd so im a lot more moany!!

    Have to say it....dont forget to get your newborn photographer booked in! I have so many clients come to me after they have had their baby and I struggle to fit them in as im so booked up - get hunting for someone local to capture your little one under 14 days old so you dont forget those newborn features xxx

  4. Baby Showers seem to be populat events. Nice to Celebrate.

    Rachel Craig