5 things you need to know when renovating

If you follow my blog you will already know that Nick and I were fortunate enough to buy our first home recently. After years and years of renting it was such relief to finally be able to get out feet on the property ladder. Renting left such a bitter taste in my mouth as it seemed like we were throwing our money down the drain, where as now we have a mortgage we are paying into something, our future.

Buying our first home was a huge deal but as if that wasn't hard enough the house we fell in love with and decided to buy needed a lot of work. By a lot of work I mean it needed stripping back to bare bricks. It was one long process but now being at the other side of our renovation I decided to share a few things I learned a long the way.

1. Be realistic
If like us you have a big job on your hands make sure you keep in mind not only a reasonable time frame but also a reasonable cost. With realistic plans in mind you won't be disappointed at any stage. 

2. Upcycle Upcyle Upcyle 
With a new house you often want to buy new furniture but don't throw away your old bits and pieces as they can easily be revamped with a lick of paint. Many of the furnishings in our house are family hand me downs or charity shop finds that we have up cycled by simply sanding and repainting white.

3. Don't stress
Our renovation took 5 long months and while the work was being done we lived with relatives. Noah wasn't even one at the time and the whole thing was so stressful. We needed to go and do the work and people had to watch Noah for us, it was a hard time. In hindsight I wish I hadn't of stressed so much, it took time but we go there in the end and the outcome is so worth it.

4. Bargain hunt 
Once we had paid for everything we needed for the renovation there wasn't much money left over to play with. We had to really bargain hunt and got some great deals by doing so, a next to new 4 piece bathroom suite for under £500 for example! 

5. Enlist your family and friends
The people closest to you will probably be over the moon for you when you buy your property and will want to help out where they can. Don't be shy to ask for help! If you have any plumbers, kitchen fitters or electricians in the family get them on board as you will save a small fortune. Our Granddad helped us create a garden space for next to nothing and the video below shares some great tips.

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  1. Great advice up cycling is so essential to save lots of money being realistic and working within a budget is my priority

  2. Great advice up cycling is so essential to save lots of money being realistic and working within a budget is my priority