The importance of Vitamin D

I never really understood the importance of Vitamin D until I became pregnant with Noah. A long with 400 mcg of Folic Acid per day it's also recommended for pregnant ladies to take 10 mcg of Vitamin D every day too. Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium and phosphate in both mother and baby's body which is needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

I thought that once the pregnancy was over I wouldn't need to take the Vitamin D supplement anymore as surely I'd get enough from direct sunlight but I was wrong. According to recent studies it's recommend that everyone considers taking a Vitamin D supplement in Autumn and Winter as we don't get much sunlight so don't take in enough natural Vitamin D.

Even when in comes to the Summer months when you'd think we'd get enough sun we tend to cover up and slather on sun block (especially with the kids) and this is another way we stop ourselves from taking in the Vitamin D that we need.

Taking Vitamin D in Autumn and Winter is something that I'm seriously taking into consideration this year especially when it comes to Noah as toddlers are constantly growing and really need the nutrition that Vitamin D provides. 
Here is the recent article I previously mentioned which offers more information and advice.

Do you take any supplements or have you read the latest findings on Vitamin D?

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  1. I recently begun taking vitamin d, I'm disabled with a chronic illness which causes deficiencies in vitamin d. Plus the fact I have severe mobility issues so don't get out of the house much.
    I think it should be a staple for the majority of the population. The amount of people who don't go outside much and prefer TV or video games
    Great blog post.

  2. I've taken Vitamin D for years
    It so important to health and development

  3. I go to hospital quite a bit and my doctor often says I need to get outside and get some vitamin D as its so good for you!

  4. Vitamin D is very important, I agree

  5. Not presently taking a Vitamin D supplement. I think I would rather get the Vitamin in a natural form, I do enjoy fish. Whilst I do also try to get some Daylight / Sunshine without sunscreen. Not a Sun Worshipper and never have been. Will investigate more in regards Vitamin D as I would like to avoid osteoporosis.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Noah looks so grown up and tall.

    Rachel Craig