15 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

This pregnancy is just flying by! I can't believe I'm already 15 weeks pregnant (16 weeks by the time I post this!) It certainly goes a lot faster the second time around when you already have a toddler to chase about. I've also felt so much more relaxed in this pregnancy too having done it all before. I don't find myself googling twinge or symptom and just feel like I'm enjoying it more.


The baby is now the size of a navel orange and weighs roughly 2.5 oz. The babies skin is transluscent and if you could peek inside my womb you could see the blood vessels forming beneath the skin. The baby has also starting to grow hair not just on the head but on the body which will help protect them from the exposure to the amniotic fluid. They are also quite active now and I already know that because I can feel the baby move quite frequently now, ever so gently but a constant reminder that they are there.

I've been feeling great lately. I do always feel tired but not half as bad as I did in first trimester, my nausea has completely gone too. Craving wise I've been obsessed with anything orange! Fanta Zero, fresh orange juice, oranges, tangerines, carrots! I keep thinking what happens if my skin turns orange, ha ha! Mood wise I've been a bit emotional which is understandable with so many hormones rushing through my body right now. My bump has gotten a tiny bit bigger but I still think to people who don't know I'm pregnant they'll just think I have a fat belly! I'm at that awkward middle stage when it comes to the bump! I've also felt lots of stretching in my stomach muscles over the last few days and I remember that panicking me in my first pregnancy but this time around I know what's happening. My belly button is also threatening to pop out at any given moment just like it did with Noah too! Yuck!

On my 16 week post next week I'll be writing about our gender scan but if you can't wait till then you can read it here where I announced the gender of our little one! 

Team blue or team pink? What do you think? 


  1. Nice to read that you are more contented (less anxious) than last pregnancy. They do say experience is the Best Teacher.I wonder if others will find your experiences help them in accepting the normal changes of pregnancy, and question appropriately something thei concerns them.

    Soon people may start guessing baby's name. As it gets more exciting, and feels more real. As it gets closer to little one's arrival, sometimes sharing these things makes it feel like only waiting on baby's arrival to make everything complete. A friend said that was how she felt in the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Now baby has arrived, everyone is thrilled, and keen to spend some time with him.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Love reading about your journey
    Glad you are feeling great

  3. Agreed about it going quicker second time around. I feel like I've blinked and I'm getting ready to meet my second little girl x

  4. Nice to read that you feel more comfortable, relaxed with pregnancy stages on this occasion. First time is exciting, yet natural to be nervous :- As dealing with a new experience. Seems like first time mums may benefit from sharing their experiences, maybe even doing a journal. The journal could be a momento for her, and something she may wish to share with others at a later date.

    Rachel Craig

  5. its great reading about you being pregnant and seeing what the progression each week is. Thank you for sharing