Graco Milestone Car Seat - Review

A few weeks ago I was invited to be part of Generation Graco team and wrote all about it here. Being part of Generation Graco I'm sent products to try out and review and my first I bring you today. Introducing the Graco Milestone

The Graco Milestone is an all in one car seat and one that they describe as the only one you'll ever need. One that is comfortable for your child, convenient for parent and most importantly is safe. The seat is suitable from birth and grows with your child up until 12 years old (36kg) making it excellent value for money at just £149.99. 

This car seat is quite innovative as it's convertible with three different modes. The first being a rear facing infant car seat which is suitable from birth through to 13kg. It then converts to a forward facing seat with a 5 point harness which is suitable from 9kg through to 18kg. Lastly the Graco Milestone converts into a high back booster with single strap which is designed for children between 15kg-36kg. There are also two different inserts which you can remove very easily as you change stages both of which are machine washable. 

The Graco Milestone can recline, with four different positions. Two can be used when rear facing with an infant and the other two when forward facing with a toddler and child though it all depends on the weight of your child. The head rest can be altered with one hand and there are 10 different positions which allow you to get the best height and comfort for your child's head.

What we love -
Where do I begin? First of all I love how supported Noah is when he's sat in the seat. Not only is he completely comfortable but he's also secure and well supported too. I think it's great how the headrest and harness adjust together which makes life so much easier for us parents. Noah's favourite part has got to be the cup holder, it's a novelty which still hasn't worn off for him as he usually insists on bringing a flask of juice or water just so he can use it.

What we'd like to see improved -
There isn't much that we'd like to change or improve about the Graco Milestone as it's pretty amazing but there is something I'd like to mention. Here in the UK the law says you only need to rear face until 13kg although many European countries recommend that to rear face till 4 years old. I think that the Milestone would tick all boxes for me if it was possible to rear face for longer. At the event we attended in London last month this was a topic which was brought up and one that Graco said they are working on at the moment. 

So there you have it, our first review since being a part of Generation Graco and what a first product to review. We adore the Graco Milestone and would certainly recommend it to others.

What do you look for in a car seat? Does the Graco Milestone appeal to you?

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


  1. I love the idea of this car seat, lasting right through.

  2. I am really particular about car seats and take ages to decide on which ones to buy for my daughters. We are looking at one for Holly at the moment and this has really impressed me. I will definitely be taking a look at it in the shop. Great review #triedtested

  3. This looks great, but it is a shame that it doesn't rear face for longer.

  4. I have been thinking of getting this car seat for when little miss outgrows the Cybex Anton Q. Such a great price for how long it lasts and it beats buying a new car seat with every growth spurt!

  5. I love the extra height this seat gives. I must admit though, my 7yr old doesn't have too much room left in it so I'm not convinced it would last as long as Graco suggest.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  6. It looks like a great car seat. We just purchsed a new car seat as Peachy has outgrown her infant car seat. Ours has most of the same features. The only thing that I'm disappointed with is that although it reclines, the instructins say not to recline the seat when it's facing forward. If I had known that when I bought it, I probably would have chosen a different one. Maybe even the Graco as it was on our short list. #TriedTested

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  9. Great review... We have come so far from when I was a child and it is crucial to have a good car seat, correctly fitted!

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