Noah's 3rd Birthday

On Saturday 12th November Noah turned three! I still can't quite get my head around it as I still call him my baby. I suppose he'll always be my baby though, no matter how old he is. I also can't believe how fast these past three years have flown by! It's such a cliche but they really have. A part of me feels like it's only been two minutes since he was born but then the other part of me struggles to remember what life was like before him. He's without a doubt the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm proud of him on a daily basis.

To mark the occasion we decided to have a little family party for him at our house like we've done for every one of his birthday now. It's become quite a nice tradition as it's not only great to be able to use our family home in this way but it's nice to be able to get both sides of the family together too.

We had a buffet party and an Avengers cake which Noah chose, of course! It was nice to keep it simple as Noah was so busy greeting all his family and friends and opening his presents that there wouldn't have been much time for anything else. Overall he had a wonderful day and hasn't stopped talking about his birthday since! He's one very happy three year old! 


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!! Growing up so fast :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Noah! And what a great looking load of presents!

  3. Happy birthday Noah
    Looks as if you all had fun

  4. Happy 3rd birthday noah hope you had a lovely day . X

  5. Happy 3rd birthday noah hope you had a lovely day . X