Ava - 8 Months Old

As soppy as this sounds, I could cry writing this. I cannot fathom how my baby is 8 months old already. I thought it went fast the first time around, with Noah but it's somehow gone even faster. With your first I suppose you are able to relax a bit more and enjoy a slower pace but there's no chance of that happening with two (or more) children because everything is always go go go. I find myself looking at her a lot, trying to soak up every detail because I just can't comprehend how quickly she's growing and changing. I feel like I'll blink and I'll have missed something. I wish I could hit pause for a little while.

I know I say this every month but she truly is a sweetheart. I could eat her up. Her nature is so pleasant and so easy going, much like Noah was as a baby. She has this vibe about her, I don't know what it is, but being with her puts me at ease and makes me feel happier, even with the extreme lack of sleep. She is super loving, always giving cuddles and kisses and she loves to be held. She's a proper Mummy's girl (probably because I've got milk on tap and let her sleep in my arms most nights) but as soon as Daddy comes home from work she's so happy to see him and gets so excited. The only time she tends to get annoyed or frustrated is when she's hangry, like mother, like daughter I suppose!

I've been naughty this month, I've not weighed her but I have no concerns as she's just perfect. She's just moved into size 4 nappies and is wearing 6-9 month clothes, some 9-12 months is just fitting her now but a little big. I love seeing her in just a nappy, she's got the cutest little baby body.

Overall she's been okay but we went to Butlin's last month (you can read our review here) and she was a little out of sorts. I don't know if she had a little bit of a tummy bug, or if it was a bit of teething but she wanted to sleep and cuddle a lot. She had her first ever cold but she wasn't unwell in herself really, she just had a very runny nose. She's also cut her first teeth, bottom left first and then the bottom right! The first one came through on Noah's 4th birthday, a great way to remember it by! Although she's getting both at at the same time they've no really bothered her at all.

We are now 8 months into breastfeeding and everything has been wonderful, we've been very lucky. She feeds on demand but has developed her own little routine. It's usually twice in the night then just before we get up, after breakfast before her nap, after lunch before her second nap, in the afternoon, then two bedtime feeds. So roughly about 8 times in 24 hours, but it can vary. As much as she loves her milk she also loves her food and has taken to weaning like a champ, just like Noah did. I've not found anything she doesn't like and she's always excited to try new things. Both kids have made weaning a very enjoyable experience for me as a parent, it's a delight to watch them both eat. Her favourite foods are; RASPBERRIES, blueberries, toast, brioche, tomatoes, cheese, pasta, yogurt, porridge, orange. She also loves it when I make spaghetti bolognese, chicken pasta or chilli. I usually blend up the sauce for her but she probably doesn't need me to do that anymore as she can gum who pieces of pasta now. She also drinks cooled boiled water fine, she really enjoys it with her meals and snacks.

We've still not had a full night sleep from her yet but she's getting better! She usually wakes between 1 to 2 times a night, whereas it's been every 2/3 hours in the past. She naps better now too, usually 2 a day and doesn't fight them anymore. One good thing about having a baby who's yet to sleep through is that you never notice when they are going through a sleep regression, ha ha!

Milestones and new tricks
* She said her first word! "Dada!" She is also getting there with Mama and she says "iyaaa" a lot too but I'm thinking that maybe just a sound rather than a variation of "hiya!"
* Kisses & cuddles - She started giving cuddles last month but now if you ask her for a kiss she will plant one right on your lips. If you ask her for a cuddle or say "awwww" she will give you a snuggle. She's very affectionate!
* She's so mobile. She's not officially crawling as such but she's able to move about without a problem. It could be on her belly or on her bum but she somehow manages to shuffle about, she's never where I left her.
* Pulling up. She's also trying to pull herself up on to things and is able to get into the crawling position. Once she is on all fours she begins to rock and tries to move her hands. It won't be long until she's properly crawling.
* Pointing. Ava can now point and it's one of the cutest things. She learnt it from me singing "Wind the bobbin up" which is her favourite song. She first learnt the actions to the song and would do them as I sang it to her and then one day she started pointing! She's amazing!
* She's cut her first two teeth! Her bottom two came within a few days of one another but they haven't bothered her at all.

Likes and dislikes
Music, songs, singing, guitar riffs. Mummy, Daddy and Noah. Her Nanna's and Great Grandad Jim. The cat! Noah's Imaginext toys. The Power Rangers theme song. Nursery rhymes, in particular sleeping bunnies and wind the bobbin up. Her play corner and box of toys. Opening and closing things. Trying to crawl. Going to the park, on the swings with Noah. Being held and sleeping in Mummy's arms. Her food, especially raspberries. Building blocks and bashing the towers down. Little baby bum songs. Having her hair brushed. Bath time and splashing the water. Dolls. Remote controls and mobile phones. Trees. She hates being in the car and being on a changing mat.


  1. She is coming on lovely Jen, my Mollie is 8 months too, I wish I could pause time, it's going way to quick especially as she is my 3rd and final and I want her to be a baby forever lol, she is a lot like your description of Ava, although she only has one tooth at the bottom, she's been a little grisly with them but not to bad, she's only woken in the night twice because of it, she to is saying hiya, baba, mum, dad, nan, and aww especially when she has her dolly, we can't keep our eyes off her now as she is crawling and pulling herself up to stand, there is a photo on my Facebook of her standing up trying to pinch my food, she loves food just like me xxx

  2. Ava has grown so much. The age card is brilliant, good for looking back on in years to come, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Ava is such a beautiful child :) Happy 8 months Ava xxx

  4. Aww how sweet. She is growing up so fast.

  5. Ava's hair colour seems to vary:- Maybe it lightens in the Summer Sunshine.

    Rachel Craig

  6. This is just so cute.

  7. Time does go too fast I have 2 older children aged 19 and 18 and doing it all over again with my daughter Sheriah 5 and baby Charlie 16 months and he is growing so quickly

  8. Autumn / Winter is the time when colds and flu seem to start spending around. Recently had throat infection :- Has now cleared up. But have since spoken to quite a number of people ( mainly by phone) who have cold, sore throat etc. I have been doing my best to try to ensure we get fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as delicious vegetable soup, hot drinks, etc. As hoping to stay well / healthy over the colder seasons.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Sounds like she is doing great

  10. Ava has progressed so well.

    Rachel Craig