Our Top 4 Locations To Explore In Lancashire #NoDullDays

As a family there's nothing we enjoy more than getting outside, stretching our legs and enjoying the fresh air. Not only is it great for burning off some energy but it's also great for family bonding and for creating lasting memories too. The great outdoors is so important to us and plays such a huge role in our family life.

Although we do get out and about quite often I do find that in the Autumn and Winter we don't tend to get outside as much as the warmer seasons. I don't think we are the only ones guilty of this. With the lack of sunlight in Autumn, Winter Public Heath England advise us to take 10mg of Vitamin D every day to keep our bone and muscle health in tip top shape.

To help us with this, Bassetts Vitamins sent us some of their 3-6 Multivitamins +Vitamin D & Calcium to try out. This is a new and unique combination featuring all the benefits of a normal multivitamin with the inclusion of Vitamin D and Calcium. What's great is they come in a child friendly Peach & Apricot flavour and are made from natural flavours, colours and with no added sugar. They cost £5.50 for a pack of 30 vitamins. To celebrate the Bassetts Vitamins #NoDullDays campaign I've put together a post all about our favourite local places to visit in Lancashire.

Towneley Park
Towneley Park is a recreational area that is literally on our doorstep. It's more than just a park as it features acre's of woodland and at the heart of the park is Towneley Hall, a listed building which contains so much history. With it being so close to us we've visited countless times but never get tired of it as there's so much to explore and to do. It's a place which is suitable and enjoyed by all ages.

Rowley Lake
This is another place with is very close to us and a place we can visit weekly. It's actually a fishing spot but it's a lovely area for a family walk as it has numerous trails which are ideal for young children and even suitable for pushchairs. We love to go on a big hike and to feed the ducks. We go that often that we've befriended a lonesome swan, which we've lovingly named Simon!

Bowland Wild Boar Park
Next up we have Bowland Wild Boar Park which is situated in the heart of the Forest of Bowland National Park. It's about an hour drive away from us and we visit half a dozen times a year, it never lets us down. I recommend going early so you can make a day of your visit as there's so much to do and so many animals to see. This is probably Noah's favourite place, he calls it "the tractor park!" 

Kenyon Hall Farm
This is somewhere quite new to us. We visited for the first time last October to pick our own pumpkins and it was such a great experience. I was still pregnant with Ava at the time and we'd joke that it looked like I'd pinched a pumpkin and had stashed it up my jumper! Kenyon Hall Farm are open all year round and offer lots of pick your own fruit and veg, from corn on the cobs and peas through to strawberries and gooseberries. Noah loves anything like this and loves his fruit and veg so we plan on going next year when the first crop is in season.

Bassetts Vitamins have created a discount code that you can use to get £2 off one pack of NEW Bassetts 3-6 Yrs Multivitamins Peach & Apricot + Calcium 30's online at Boots! All you need to do is sign in as normal, apply the code BASSMVS2 at the checkout and embrace #NoDullDays! You can only use the code once per transaction, and the code can only be redeemed on the first 5,000 valid claims until 23:59 on 12th November. Subject to Boots T&Cs.

- This is a collaborative post.


  1. This looks like a lovely day out - PS I love the new pics on the banner :)

  2. A useful review with lovely pics. I must confess that I have never been to Lancashire. I make a point of taking the children somewhere new to all of us during school holidays so maybe Lancashire would be good next time.

  3. My kids would love to be able to go to a farm and pick our own food! Looks great

  4. Looks like you had a nice time it's nice to get out for the day

  5. Looks like great family days out.

    Rachel Craig

  6. As in your photograph with Nick and Noah, We find that the ducks at the park sometimes come onto the grass to be fed.

    Rachel Craig

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  8. They sound like wonderful places to visit, like you we love being outdoors exploring nature and making memories, but we don't as much in the winter for fear of the girls getting ill, and the wet mucky ground, we tend to visit indoor play areas this time of year xxx