A Moment For Jars With HiPP Organic - Review & Competition

At the start of Ava's weaning journey we were asked to be a part of the HiPP Organic Moments Team, I was so excited, talk about perfect timing!
Our first assignment was to try out their Pure Vegetable and Stage 1 Savoury jars which you can read all about here. They went down a storm with Ava and they helped start our weaning journey off on the right foot. 

Ava is now ten months old and weaning has been everything I wanted it to be and more. Just like her big brother, she has a love for food and really enjoys to try new flavours and textures. She pretty much eats everything that we give her and likes to eat whatever we are having. When cooking I just take out a portion for her if the meal I'm cooking involves salt or spice. I love being able to make one meal and it be suitable for all of us. We still use jarred baby food and pouches on occasion, they are great and perfect when you are short on time or on the go.

For our second assignment we were sent a personalised hamper full of goodies for Ava and a selection of their stage 2 and 3 food jars for her to try out. The flavours we received were; spaghetti bolognese, mashed potato and beef, green vegetables with cous cous and turkey, vegetables with noodles and chicken, vegetable lasagne and pasta italienne with ham. As you can see it was quite the array of different jars and some sounded so delicious that I wished I could've sample them too!

The first jar that Ava tried was the pasta italienne with ham, which was consumed in a matter of minutes for her lunch. On opening I noticed how different these jars are when it comes to texture, the tomato sauce was thicker and it contained tiny circular pieces of pasta. I took one look at it and I knew that Ava would enjoy it as she's always been a fan of foods with more texture and substance. I tasted a little and although very different in consistency, it's still a very mild in flavour which is great for a weaning babies delicate palate. Ava managed to try all the different flavours within a couple of weeks and every one of them was thoroughly enjoyed, the pasta one's in particular! She's a fan of the carbs just like her Mummy!

The HiPP Organic jars are made with the finest organic ingredients which are gently steam cooked to keep in all the goodness and flavour. The new savoury jars also have no hidden fruit, making them perfect for every stage of weaning and ideal for that tricky part of weaning when you don't want to overload them with too many sweet flavours.

The jars from HiPP Organic now have a wider opening to make feeding easier and the jars themselves are 100% recyclable. You can either pop them in your recycling bin once you are done or you can give them a wash and use them for something else. I decided to wash them, remove the labels and create some quick and easy sensory jars for Ava. With it being Christmas I decided to run with a little theme. I filled three of the jars with water and added different items to each; gold balls from a Christmas tree decoration in one, blue glitter to add a bit of festive sparkle in another and white icing to create a snow effect in a jar in the third. She really enjoyed turning these jars over and inspecting what was inside, so did Noah! The gold jar was a firm favourite as they were able to shake them around and watch them sink. There's so many different ways you could reuse the jars if you didn't want to recycle them. You could paint them, use them as paint pots, use them to store paint brushes and crayons, use them for storing little trinkets, or seeds and so on.

If you are planning on purchasing some HiPP Organic jars soon then please use this money off coupon which has been created especially for the readers of the blog and for more information on the new recipes and products from HiPP Organic and for the best weaning advice, head to the HiPP UK websiteLast but certainly not least, how would you like to win a selection of HiPP Organic Stage 1 and 2 Jars? To enter simply use the Gleam form below! Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!

- This post is written in collaboration with HiPP Organic.

A bundle of HiPP Organic Stage 1 and 2 Jars

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  1. They should create some healthy vegetable dips for little ones!

  2. This would be perfect for Arthur. He's 6 months now and I'm suppose to be weaning him but I hate it. I can't seem to get the hang of what I'm suppose to be doing. God knows how I weaned Henry. I've forgotten everything

  3. What a lovely blog, makes me want to go out and get HIPP jars for my granddaughter. They will come in handy when I start looking after her when my daughter returns to work soon... I'll be following your blog xxx Lovely advice and pictures

  4. Mushroom tagliatelle as my niece is always wanting mine

  5. oooh perhaps a sausage casserole

  6. I think a mild chili con carne.

  7. Chilli co carne as its one of our favourites

  8. i think a sunday roast would be nice, maybe a turkey roast so they can have a christmas dinner all year round!

  9. Chickpea & Sweet Potato Curry.

  10. Prawn cocktail. I don't know if children would like that though. I would.

  11. blackberry crumble

  12. A beef goulash with lots of extra veg

  13. Vegetable Moussaka - my favourite!

  14. A tuna lasagne, I think the variety is excellent for little ones