Unique Gift Ideas For All Occasions

AD - This is a collaborative post. 

March is such a busy month for us. Not only is it Ava's birthday and mothers day, but we also have five other birthdays to celebrate which makes March a very expensive month for us. I also find it quite stressful because four out of five of those gifts are for men and I find them extremely difficult to buy for. With this in mind, and with the help of some friends (thank you Hannah, Raimonda, Rosie, Jennie, Nicola, and SamI've put together a list of gift ideas for those who are impossible to buy for. Their suggestions have pushed me to think a little out of the box and I'll be considering them for the birthdays that we have coming up.

A coffee shop voucher
My Mum got Matt a voucher for Cafe Nero for Christmas and he said it turned out to be his best present ever. He always forgets about it for a few weeks then finds the card in his wallet and so he has a lovely treat to look forward to on his lunch break. I guess sometimes it is the little things!

A city break
A city break (if you want to splurge!) I took my husband to Malta for his 40th birthday. He really loved it and it was only £80 each for return tickets. Memories for a lifetime.

A smart shirt
We all have a certain gift that we like to receive, mine being perfume. My partners his a nice dress shirt, preferably plaid, or pinstripe. Camicissima offers a variety of different shirts in a variety of different styles, sizes, and colours. I think that Nick would find the no iron shirts a godsend, and a perfect gift.

A trip on a steam train
once bought my Dad a meal on a steam train for Father’s Day. He ended up enquiring about volunteering and now works there two days a week. He was widowed 20 years ago and the volunteering has been totally life-changing for him.

Homemade vouchers
I gave my partner a little box full of 'vouchers' for things including a home cooked meal one, a breakfast in bed one and a get-out-of-having-to-change-a-pooey-nappy one! 

A waterproof jacket
A decent waterproof jacket, it’s such a good gift for any time of the year. I bought one for my husband, he uses it when he’s busy with his hobbies but it’s also a fantastic gift since having children as we’re always outside in all weathers! Who doesn’t need a waterproof jacket? It’s not like you can stay in the house every time it rains!

A curry subscription
I got my husband a curry subscription for his birthday and he loved it! Every month they sent him a recipe for a different curry, and all the spices/dry ingredients and he simply added the fresh ingredients. Went down a storm and I got a fancy cooked meal once a month too, so can’t go wrong!

Do you have any unique gift ideas you'd like to share?


  1. Nice!

    Rachel Craig

  2. if someone gifted me a city break, I'd love them forever... A curry subscription however, not for me! LOL xx

  3. Not unique. Your list is interesting, and as Natalie Crossan with her comment (see above) implies individual ideas to suit / appeal a particular individual.

    Afternoon Tea gift voucher can make for a delicious treat. Can have the option of choosing companion, venue, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  4. A City Break :- A truly wonderful gift.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Waterproof Jacket :- I have gifted this item to fiancé. As a practical, useful, considerate gift in my opinion. As useful for his hobbies, and lifestyle. A gift which delighted him, as I was eager that he would be warm and comfortable when outdoors.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Homemade vouchers :- Seems a great idea, as can be appropriate for individual. Valuable, as can be made use of when most needed :- Feeling a bit 'under the weather ', tired, etc. Might just consider making use of this this idea myself. Or suggest it to fiancé. Always nice to have a treat, some peace, relaxation, etc.. Especially when most needed.

    Rachel Craig