Tonight Nick and I went out for a nice meal together. We are making the most of the time we have left of it just being the two us of. We can't wait for our son to be here and to have our own family but it's also the end of an era and that is still a little sad. 

We had a long wait for our meal to come and we just sat there talking about the baby all while our little bubba kicked away happily in my tummy. At one point I even grabbed Nick's hand and pulled him over the table while our boy kicked away. People must of thought I was barmy!  

We wondered what he is going to look like. What his personality will be like. We spoke about all the things we can't wait to do with him. We thought about what his favourite foods will be. Speculated if he would be like Mummy or Daddy. We even imagined what he would be like when he is older, bringing home his first girlfriend! It was really lovely. We obviously think and talk about him all the time as all expectant parents do but now that time is flying by the excitement and anticipation is literally pouring out of us. 

I'm not being biased but I think Nick will make a brilliant Father. Everyone always comments on how much of a nice man he is. There is nothing he wouldn't do for the people he loves, he is so supportive in everything I do and sometimes I wonder how I ever got lucky enough to be with someone like him. I know our child will love him just as much as I do.

I can't wait to have our own little family. 


  1. It is such an exciting time! our 1St grandbaby is due on Wednesday, so anytime now we are awaiting a phone call as Daughter and SIL want us present. We don't know the gender so it will be surprise.

  2. What an excited face in the header. I want to post it here top-writer.com if you don't mind.