Daddies Double or Mini Mummy?

I am always wondering what our baby boy will look like. Will he be his Daddy's double or a mini me? I am so excited to see our baby for the first time. What colour his eyes will turn out to be? What colour will his hair be? Will be be born with hair? Is he going to have big long legs like his parents? The list is endless. When I am led in bed at night all I think about is that moment when he is born and placed in my arms and my heart literally swells with love. 

When I imagine our son in my head I see him with my eye colour but his Dad's oval shaped eyes. With blonde hair, a little button nose and chubby cheeks! Only time will tell. I wonder if any of my speculation is correct! 

I thought I would share some pictures of Nick and I from when we were babies and once our little bubba is here I can look back at this post and see if I was right! 


  1. We find that our little boy is the double of my husband and Melody is so similar to me when I was that age that it's scary!!

  2. I love looking at old pics of the babies parents to see if they looked alike. I would be quite happy if I had a baby (can't though) & it looked like me as a baby/toddler as I was quite cute lol!