Pregnancy Diary: Week 24 & 25


24 & 25 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm a little late with this post! I am writing this at 26 weeks pregnant but this post is all about week 24 and 25. I feel great, my energy levels are fine and I feel very chipper most days. Only thing that has gotten worse is my heart burn but it's nothing a glass of milk or a swig of gaviscon can't cure! As my bump gets bigger I am finding it harder to get comfortable at night time. I have a dream genii pregnancy pillow which is so comfortable but it seems to stop me from being able to sleep? Every time I have tried to use it I have been as snug as a bug but I just can't sleep? I think I am starting to get some pregnancy insomnia too. Some nights I will be shattered but I just can't seem to switch off and shut down. All worth it though!

Me at 24 weeks. Can you tell I am bump obsessed?!

Baby boy is kicking all the time now. He is so strong! I love those kicks and will really miss them once he is here. I am loving being pregnant and never would of thought it would agree with me so much. I know every pregnancy is different and the next pregnancy I have could be terrible but for someone who used to freak out at the thought of being pregnant I am absolutely astounded at how much I love it! I just hope I don't get addicted to being pregnant, ha ha. 

We think we have decided on a name. From day one we had a long long list of names that we liked or would consider using. Once we went through that list there was literally only three names that we both liked enough and agreed on but only one name we both adored. That name being Noah. I must admit we are already referring to him with his name so hopefully when he is here he looks like a Noah! 

Nick and I had a week off work during these two weeks. We decided to get cracking on the nursery with our free time. The room we were using was literally used for a dumping ground and every square inch was just full of boxes of things we don't use. It took us a day and many tips to the skip just to clear that! 

It took me weeks to decide what colour scheme I wanted his room to be. I was stuck between green or yellow. At first I was all about green but once I saw the yellow I knew it had to be that colour! I thought it would be a nice warm colour for him without being too distracting and it would match the pine coloured furniture that we had already bought.
We must of looked through twenty or thirty shades of yellow until we found the shade we wanted. Who knew there was so many shades of yellow?! Yellow is just yellow right? Wrong!

After we finally selected the colour we went straight to the painting! I had a little go but didn't want to be in the room so long with the fumes so I left it up to Nick. He did a fantastic job to say he had never painted a room before! Thankfully it only needed one coat and then a couple of touch ups. 
We then ripped up the carpets and went straight to fitting the brown carpet we bought. Everything went to well and we had the whole nursery decorated in two days. 

The following day we had the joys of tackling the flat pack furniture. Again my lovely Nick took the reins and had set up all the bedroom furniture in no time. We only have limited space in the room so we had a play around with where we wanted the furniture to go before we were satisfied. 


What do you think? Do you like our nursery?

I'm absolutely in love with it. There isn't a thing I would change and I'm so happy with the colour scheme we went for. Now the nursery is done it is one less thing to worry about and it really does make everything seem so much more real! I must admit I do go in there at least twice a day just to have a look around. Makes me so excited! I know he won't use that room for a long while as he will be sleeping beside me in a moses basket for the first few months. Then after that I may even bring the cot into out room!

Cannot believe how fast the pregnancy is going! He will be in my arms in no time!


  1. OH my gosh the nursery is SO cute! I love following her blog and journey through pregnancy! I also love the name Noah, its one of my favourite names for a boy too :)

    Helen x

    1. Aww thank you! We both must have good taste! Thanks for the comments sweetie x

  2. Yay pregnancy blog :) so cute and love it!! I'm obessed with my bump too and it's gone soooo fast I'm 30weeks!! Following you can't wait to see your progression :)
    If you want to chat my twitter is @apinchofshaz :)

    1. Congratulations and thank you!! I am 27 weeks now (need to do a new post) and it has gone so fast too! Can't believe he will be here in 3 months time (If he isn't overdue!)

      I am going to follow your blog now, hope you follow back!

    2. Ive just seen your reply hun :) of course im following I love your blog so cute! Do you have the once upon a time mobile or do you also have the bedding and bumper?? I love it its on my list to buy a beige set for my bubba :) xx

    3. Also I hope you liked my blog and followed too :)

    4. I have the mobile! I haven't bought the bedding as he won't use them. But I still might buy them at xmas! Can't use the quilt till he's 1 and over. But I will be putting him in gro bags anyway. The bumpers are a bit of a hit and miss. Some people say avoid them and some people say it doesn't matter when using them. So if I did buy it would just be for show. Can't really justify spending £80 on something he wont use! Might get it with Christmas money though!

  3. Lovely room :)

    Congratulations xxx
    new follower ; Beth