Pregnancy Dreams

I've had my fair share of crazy dreams in my time but pregnancy dreams are a whole new level of crazy! I thought I would write and share some of the most baffling dreams I have had since becoming pregnant and hope you will share a few with me.

I had a feeling from day one that I was having a boy. Mainly because I was having constant dreams of me giving birth or holding a baby wrapped in blue. Many pregnant women report that they dreamt of the gender they were having before they actually knew. Mothers intuition or just chance? 

Here are two of the most memorable dreams I have had during pregnancy.

I was in labour on my own at home so I rushed straight into hospital. The hospital was just strange, everything was green. Shortly after I had the baby my Mum and Nanna waltz into the room to visit. I ask "Where's Nick?" and they tell me that they have sent him to the shop! I ask them why on earth they have done that, that he should be first to see the baby. My Mum said she didn't agree with that. So I screamed at them to leave. So then I am on my own with the baby but the Doctors take him away. Shortly after they take him Nick comes in and apologises for missing everything and asks where his Son is. I tell him that he's just missed him and the Doctors have taken him but I have a photo on my phone if he wants to see it? I then end up walking around the hospital looking for our baby which I can't find. 

That dream left me in a panic when I woke up. I literally thought it had happened. One look down at my bump reassured me!

Next up is a dream I had last night.

Again it was another dream involving labour. I had the baby at the hospital, it was all very quick. They then took the baby away without letting me even letting me have a glimpse of him. Everything was fine with him but they just took him away. I then was sent home! While I was at home I was ringing up the hospital every ten minutes asking if I can come in and see my baby and that I hadn't even seen him yet! 

It's almost as though my dreams have a recurring theme. Which are labour, being on my own and having my baby taken away. Perhaps subconsciously these are things I am really frightened about. 

I would like to know that I'm not alone on the crazy dream front! 
So feel free to share some of your pregnancy dreams. 


  1. No...You're not alone....When I was pregnant I loved sleeping because I dreamt so much...They were all funny and crazy too...Can't remember them now though :) x

    1. Haha! I think I'm going to have a ton more. As soon as I got to third trimester I am exhausted all the time again! x

  2. You're not alone. I had some seriously mad dreams when I was pregnant!! One I still remember (4 years on!) is the dream that my bump was a giant goldfish bowl and I gave birth to lots of baby goldfish through my bellybutton, haha. I warned you they were mad ;) x

  3. I had a dream that I gave birth on the chairs in the hospital corridor whilst walking round to get things moving! Dreamt they told me it was a girl (i was having a boy) etc.

  4. I didn't have any strange dreams during my pregnancy. I did however have lots of strange dreams leading up to my wedding, lets hope you don't get them! xx