Baby Wishlist

I have to admit I have gone a little crazy when it comes to buying for our baby. I was buying items for him before I even got my positive pregnancy test! That sounds really crazy I know but I just knew I was pregnant. I have always had that love for all things baby so the minute we started trying to conceive it finally gave me that excuse to spend. He probably won't wear a lot of it and some people may consider it a waste of money but I don't. I really enjoyed buying every little item and what he doesn't use I will donate to charity. 

Although we have plenty for the baby already I do have my eye on a few extras. I've put together a little baby wishlist of items I want to buy for our little one. 

Owl Sleepsuit / Bear Knitted Hat / Christmas Pudding Jumper / Little Dude Long Sleeve Tshirt / Corduroy Turn Up Trousers

These days there are so many great shops both on the high street and online. If you want something extra special why not treat baby to his or her first designer clothes.

Monnalisa baby clothes stock some beautiful pieces which are are perfect for the the upcoming festive season. 
I can see why some parents spend more money on clothes for their children rather than on their own wardrobe and I am guilty of it already. 

This is a PR Collaboration. 


  1. That owl suit is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  2. Aww that Christmas Pudding jumper is so adorable, as is the bear hat! My niece is only 4 months old and I'm constantly showering her with presents, I agree I don't think it's a waste either :)

    Helen x

  3. Aww I love the owl baby grow. It's so adorable. Love all the neutral tones x

  4. I was the same with my grand daughter. she had so many clothes when she was born but has soon outgrown them and we are already looking a 6-9 months! I love the owl sleepsuit