Pregnancy Diary: Week 32 & 33


32 & 33 Weeks Pregnant.

All in all I am still feeling relatively good. You can't expect to feel 100% at this stage in pregnancy. I am tired but can't sleep. My bump is getting bigger and it feels uncomfortable. I want to eat constantly but everything gives me heartburn. But saying that is all so so so worth it. After all my body is going to feel run down, I am nurturing a life in there! Although I am still feeling similar to previous weeks there have been some new sensations joining us this week. I have begun feeling his head really really low down and sometimes get shooting pains there. If I have been sat or led down for a while and stand up there is a lot of pressure down below and it feels like he could just drop out. I've been reassured that this is normal and it's just our boy getting ready and practising where he needs to be, so I welcome all those new feelings. 

I feel a lot bigger on the bump scale. It's really difficult to find a comfortable position to sit and sleep in. I also struggle getting up off the sofa or bed. I feel like a sumo wrestler! The baby's movements have developed again. He is running out of space quick and with that I feel so many more big shifts and changes rather than the little movements. His favourite time to play is around 1am, he seems to be a night owl just like me. I don't appear to have gained any more stretch marks but to be honest I don't think there is room for many more. Sometimes they go really itchy and sometimes are sore to touch. 

We had our 33 midwife appointment this week and everything was spot on. He is still in the head down position, on my left hand side. He is low down but not in my pelvis just yet, let's hope he stays that way and doesn't have a switch around. The baby had been measuring big all through the pregnancy, big but not too big. But now he is evening out a little. It is such a relief when you go into one of these appointments and you are in there for just ten minutes. Although you want to spend more time talking about the baby at least you know everything is fine. My next appointment is in three weeks and after that one I won't have many left until our little one is here.

I am now on Maternity Leave and I wrote all about it here. I have found since coming onto Maternity Leave I now feel more exhausted then when I was going to work. I have been keeping myself busy; cleaning, reading, blogging. I'm really enjoying the free time but it does feel strange not waking up to get ready for work in the morning. 

Not long to go now, just six weeks left if he arrives on his due date. Just three more weeks until I am full term. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. 


  1. Aw good luck with everything, glad to hear baby is in the right position x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Best of luck. I hope all goes well and according to plan.
    Take care of yourself now and stay calm ;-)

  3. Good luck :) hope all goes well!


  4. It seems to me that these weeks are the most difficult for the future mother since she already wants to get acquainted with her baby as soon as possible and it's hard to walk with such weight.