Baby's First Clothes

Last week Nick and I decided to pick out our son's coming home clothes. I have to say we spent a good hour or two looking through all the clothes we have for him. His due date is in the middle of November so we know it's going to be cold by then so we have packed lots of layers. I didn't want him coming home in blue or any brights and we both decided on this neutral outfit for him.

The long sleeved vest, hat and mittens are all from good old Mothercare. The pram suit and sleep suit are both from The Essential One. The quality of each of these items is next to none. They are so soft and cosy which is the main reason we chose them. The cute comforter was from George and it just so happens that it matches. The whole outfit is in 0-3 months so we still need to plan a newborn outfit just in case! 

I can't wait until our little one is dressed in this outfit ready to come home with us!


  1. Aww that's so sweet! I love what you've chosen. We packed our bag last week (I'm due 26th Oct) and had such a tough time planning an outfit! We've got 'newborn' stuff that goes up to 7lb but what if he's bigger than that!?! So we've ended up with several options incase he's a chunker or teeny weeny!

    1. Ahhh it's so exciting isn't it! I've packed our bags too but just need to add a couple of little things that I didn't have. We've packed a few sizes just in case too! x

  2. AWw what a cute outfit. Love the fact you went for neutral. Im due mid december and haven't bought clothes yet.

  3. So cute! I love that you've gone for neutrals. I refused to put our boy in blue for about 4 mths, lol! We didn't even think about a special outfit for him but wish we had. He was 7lb 7oz and 0-3mths was far too big on him, he looked cute though :) x

  4. He ended up wearing none of this as it was ALL to big. Ha ha! x

  5. Very cute and beautiful set of clothes for the baby, and most importantly, it is made from natural fabrics that will not bring inconvenience to the baby.