Maternity Leave

The time has come and I am finally on maternity leave. This is my first day and it just feels like a day off. I don't think I have come to the terms with it yet. I do intend on taking the full year but you never know I may want to go back a little earlier. When I do go back I am only going back on a part time basis of three days. My work colleague's were kind enough to all sign a card and even had a collection for the baby on my last day. I was very overwhelmed and will miss them while I am on leave. 


If you have read any of my previous posts you will know I have been pretty organised when it comes to preparing for the baby. His nursery is already decorated, his clothes already in the wardrobe, he pretty much has everything that he needs and probably all the stuff he doesn't need too. So it doesn't really leave me with much to do during the weeks up till his birth. I intend on giving the house a top to bottom clean as I want it to be spotless when he comes home. Other than that I am just going to sleep as much as I can and take it easy before he arrives and perhaps read a book or two. 

I have my baby shower to look forward to in two weeks time. My mother in law to be is organising it and I am so grateful for it. I have only invited close family and friends and it's going to be brilliant to see them all come together to celebrate our little one. I am not normally one of these people who likes to be in the limelight. I never had an 18th or a 21st party or even an Engagement do but our boy needs celebrating! 

Last but not least I am going to spend as much quality time as I can with my Nick. These next 6 weeks (more or less) will be the last weeks of it just being the two of us. The last few weeks of us just being a couple. After our son is here we will be a family and just typing that gives me goosebumps! We really cannot wait. Our life is about to change so much and we are ready for it! Roll on November! 


  1. Ohh exciting times!! Enjoy every moment!! It will fly over!!

    1. I bet it will drag until he is here but once he is born it will fly by! x

  2. You do sound really organised. I think the idea of Maternity Leave was to allow the Expectant Mother to take life a bit easier, have some Rest prior to the Big Event. You seem so Excited, looking forward to meeting and spending time with your son. Yet you are being so Sensible and Practical by spending some Couple Time with your Partner :- Well Done! As your Husband may well be just as excited, but has less time to prepare due to work commitments etc. It is nice that now people do allow Dad's to be seen out with their children and it is viewed positively. They can be Caring, Nurturing etc.

    Baby Showers seem to have become quite popular. With photos you will have Happy Memories of the Celebrations.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Maternity Leave is such a Well known part of life opportunities for the Working Woman, that I feel we often think it has been available for ever (generations), and for everyone. Yet my Mum's memory of being pregnant with me was that she worked part-time when work was available. She had three other children. She worked till the Friday :- when the available work ended (order completed by factory for Company that had requested the order. I was born on the Sunday i.e. two days later, or less than 48 hours later.

    My Mum said in those days her Employer did not know that she was pregnant, and if Employer had found out she would have been paid off. My Dad worked in the Shipyards and his work was dependent on orders of goods also.So work was not Regular, Secure in those days. How we Wish for Security for our own youngsters and those within our Nation in order to maintain a Healthy Economic Lifestyle for all.

    Maternity Leave is good for the woman, family, community etc and can allow others the opportunity of some paid employment and chance to gain experience and skills. In my own career, my first step in the door was covering temporarily for Maternity Leave, luckily later getting the offer of a Pernament post.

    Returning from Maternity Leave is a big step, and as in your circumstances some people Return to Work on a Reduced hours contract. Which can allow for Work : Life Balance.

    Rachel Craig