Only have eyes for Mummy

I hope some Mummies out there can help me out with this one. Noah has been a well socialised baby ever since the day he was born. We have numerous visitors on a weekly basis and we are always taking him out to visit family. Each time he is passed around like pass the parcel and he has always been very happy about it. There was a time when he was a newborn that taking him out to visit family was the only way he would nap during the day. He enjoyed being held and the constant chatting in the background must of soothed him. 

Noah is now 10 weeks old and for the past week or two when we have been visiting friends and family he has had hysterical crying episodes. One minute he will be led there babbling and smiling away at everyone and the next minute he is screaming the house down. When he first did it we were at Nick's parents and it was so sudden and such a horrendous cry that we mistook it for pain and actually took him to A&E. The following week he had these episodes on and off and I assumed he was having some belly ache or trapped wind so I cracked open a bottle of gripe water, gave cooled boiled water and tummy massages in hope that that would solve the issue. 

When he was at home during the week with me he would be fine. He wouldn't have one of these so called "episodes." That's when it all fell into place. He was only crying hysterically when we were at someone elses house and was being held by someone other than me. As soon as he was back in my arms he would instantly stop crying. It's proper crying too, his face goes bright red, tears streaming. He cries so hard that he gets out of breath and no sound comes out. It's so distressing to witness and hard to explain to the person that was holding him that he does it with everyone at the moment and he just wants to be back with me. 

It seems to me that this is separation anxiety or something similar? But at 10 weeks old isn't it a bit too early for this? To say he is such a socialised baby I'm a little surprised he is feeling this way. 

Is this just a stage he is going to get through?
Have you had any similar experiences?  
Or do you have any tips for me?


  1. Ethan went through a VERY small stage of this when he was much younger. He grew out of it very quickly. Sometimes they just get a little bit unsure of their surroundings and the people holding them. I wouldn't over worry, just don't let it put you off other people holding him. He needs to get use to it :) x

    1. Yeah he seems to be getting better already. Still crying but not as much. Thanks Alex x

  2. I'm not a mummy so definitely not qualified to give advice-only an aunty (but have lived with all of them at some stage!) but I do think it's completely normal for them to go through stages of just wanting mummy. My 6 month old nephew, who usually can't wait for cuddles with me, had a week of crying every time my sister passed him over, bottom lip quivers and the works!! ...although then again maybe I just smelt funny. Anyway, it soon passed and he was back to his happy little self.
    L xo

    1. Thanks Lizzie! That is exactly what Noah is doing. Bottom lip sticks out then it's a full on wail. You wouldn't think such noise would come out such a small little man. x