Loving the outdoors

Now the weather is becoming milder and the sun is finally making an appearance we have loved getting outdoors and making the most of it. Wether it just be in our back yard, a walk to our local park or long walk around a nature reserve we love it. Noah loves to watch everything go by, especially the tree's. Little nature baby. I was sat on the park on Monday with my baby in my arms and the sun beaming down on us and it was bliss. I remember just thinking, this is the life! 

Have you been enjoying time out in the sun? How have you been spending it? 
I hope we are in for a lovely long Summer!


  1. Having a Bloglovin catch up! Gorgeous photos, love N in the swing! He still looks so tiny but he's growing so fast too! x

    1. Hi Donna! Ahh thank you. It's scary how quickly they grow isn't it! x