Slimming World - 1 stone lighter

Another New Years Resolution of mine was to lose weight. I had put weight on before becoming pregnant then put weight on whilst being pregnant and even more so after Noah was born. In those newborn days we were eating a lot of takeaways and having naughty treats as we didn't have the time to cook so the weight pilled on. I have around 3 stone to lose.

I chose Slimming World to help me on my weight lost journey and I love it! I am now 8 weeks in and I have finally lost my first stone! 14lbs! I am so happy! I feel so much better in myself, healthier and happier. I've had good days and bad but I have on a whole been strict with myself and know I need to stick at it otherwise I won't shift all this baby blubber.

I have tried other diets in the past but soon lost all motivation a couple of weeks later and then quit. I found myself bored, hungry and felt it wasn't worth it. This hasn't happened with Slimming World. I am never hungry and it's easy to mix up your eating plan each day to keep it interesting. You can also have treats too which you syn. I like that you can still have chocolate, crisps, bread, cake as long as it is within your daily syn allowance. I think that is where I have gone wrong in the past, I have done diets where you can't have them. I need my treats! 

Slimming World isn't really a diet, it changes the way you look at food and makes you think about the food choices you make. My diet is a lot more balanced now. As you cook most meals from scratch I feel like I have become better at cooking too, which is a win win. 

If you are thinking of losing weight then I couldn't rate Slimming World high enough. I am aiming to lose another stone before the end of May as I have a wedding coming up and want to look my best. If you have any questions about Slimming World or what to join me on my journey then I am just a comment or tweet away! 


  1. Well done lovely! You're doing fantastically! x

  2. Well done! I don't normally agree with any type of diet however I do think Slimming World is one of the better ones. You don't have to restrict yourself too much and like you said can still have your treats. Diets where you go complete cold turkey on 'bad food' only backfire and you end up binging on all the foods you've been missing out on and pile the weight back on. I hope you get to your goal! :) xx

    1. Thanks Kerry. I don't agree with many diets either, especially the fad diets (juice, shakes etc) I do like Slimming World cause it does help you look at food differently, teaches you how to cook healthier and more balanced. But I do crave bad foods here and there. I don't think that's a habit I will ever fully change! x