Noah went to the Zoo

Yesterday Noah had his very first zoo experience! 

Both Nick and I are huge animal lovers and as parent's we aim to teach Noah how to love, care and respect animals too. He is already showing such fascination for our cats and he always smiles when he see's them. He's a little David Attenbourough in the making! 

As an animal lover I have a split opinion on zoo's. On one hand it is cruel to see these wild animals in captivity but on the other some of the animals are endangered and zoo's play a part in their conservation.

It was such a sunny and busy day at the zoo when we got there, it was chaos! Trust us to decide to go in half term and on a bank holiday. We don't have a parasol for the pram yet so whenever the sun shone on Noah's face he would squirm around and whine. It was a constant battle trying to find shade, make sure the sun was no where near him all while dashing out the way of people with the pram. 

We had a lovely long walk around the whole zoo and saw countless animals. My favourites being the Lemurs! They were so adorable. They are in a walk in enclosure so they were bouncing all around us. A couple of them jumped on the fence beside us and one of them put their hand on the handle of the pram! I was stroking them too as I didn't realise it wasn't allowed! They were such tame, playful and beautiful animals. 

After we visited all the animals we went to a sea lion show. It's amazing to see how intelligent they are. It made me envy the zoo keepers and trainers, how much of an amazing job would that be? We can't wait to go again when Noah is a little older and will be able to enjoy it more. 

We had a sit down in the park before we left and Noah had his dinner in his pram, dining Al Fresco! We then bought Noah some souvineers; a monkey teddy, tiger rattle and a flask with his name on it and headed home. It was one lovely, sunny, animal filled day! 


  1. Aww lovely. Looks like you guys had a great time. I understand what you mean about zoos but I think many do do a brilliant job these days. x

  2. Aww looks a lovely day all round :) we took rio to the zoo for his first birthday and he was such a grump..we plan to go back soon because, like noah, he's a little animal lover!!

  3. So cute looks like you had a fab day
    Love all your photos especially the one with Noah and monkey asleep x