Noah makes art

I would like to say I am an artistic person but that would be lying. I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, and creating but that doesn't mean I am any good at it! Photography is my creative medium and I will stick to that. Stick to what I know. 

Lately, I have been seeing lots of photos of babies of a similar age to Noah enjoying a spot of "messy play". Initially, the thought of a baby and paint left me feeling very apprehensive. I imagined thick staining paint all over my child, his fingers in his mouth, paint all over the sofa, and so on. I was reassured by other Mum's that there's nothing to worry about as long as I pick up the child safe, nontoxic paints. They were right, it simply washes off with a baby wipe and I didn't have to worry about any going into Noah's mouth! 

We picked up a pack of finger paints, coloured card, felt tip pens, and paintbrushes this weekend. The Works has a brilliant range of arts and crafts supplies for all age groups. We decided to embrace the mess and go for it! Noah was going to experience paint for the very first time and create some Easter cards. 

I made sure I caught Noah in a good mood and stripped him down into his vest. He sat waiting in his swing, paintbrush ready whilst I prepared everything. Large plastic mat on the floor, paints open, jug of water, paintbrushes out, card folded, we were ready to go!

Nick kept a firm grip on him while I painted his hands and got the card ready. He wasn't really phased by having his hands/feet painted and was fascinated with the bright coloured card.

I let him explore the card with his painted hands but he wouldn't just touch the card he wanted to take it out my hand and waft it around! I also attempted to get hand and feet prints from him, which every parent knows is easier than it sounds! 

I had folded 10 pieces of card to make into Easter cards for our family. About 4 cards in and Noah was getting a little fed up. He wasn't unhappy but I could tell he was getting a little frustrated. The paint had begun drying on him so I doubt it felt nice. Still, he carried on and he created ten messy pieces of art. 

I was going to write "Happy Easter" on the front of the cards or draw on a chick or bunny but decided to leave them as they were cause although they just look like messy splodges to others they are pretty special to me. They are Noah's first paintings! I put two aside for myself, one went straight into his memory box and another I am framing!  

If you are thinking of having a play with paints with your little one then I urge you to. Not only is it fun but you are also creating lovely keepsakes. I can't wait until Noah is older and we can dig the paints out again and have crafty afternoons with one another. I would love Noah to have a creative side and enjoy arts and crafts just as I did when I was a child.  

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