Baby Diary: 6 Months Old

Happy half birthday baby boy. I say it every month but I can't believe it's been another month and how are you 6 months old already? These past 6 months have been the best months of my life. They have flown by, been hard work at times but every single day is filled with love and joy as I get to spend them with you. 

You are still one cheeky little boy. You are a very content, happy and smiley baby, you are a dream. There will be the odd day where you are aren't as cheerful but even on those days you are brilliant! I can't complain at all. You look at both Daddy and I with such love in your eyes and we only need to look at you to receive a huge gummy grin in response. 

You had been suffering with stranger anxiety for a few months but this month you seem to have overcome it. I try not to say that out loud as I don't want to jynx it but you have come on leaps and bounds. It's great to be able to see other family members getting to know you properly and enjoying you the way that we do without you crying. It was upsetting us both that people weren't getting to see the real you but now they are and they can't stop signing your praises. It's also amazing to see how your confidence has grown with other people and just in general. We are so proud of you. 

Last month I guessed that you were around 18lb but I think I was way off, I think you could be that now. You feel very stocky and solid but you are a long string bean. You have a few arm and leg rolls but only little ones, you aren't very chubby, not yet, You still fit in 3-6m vests, jackets and tops but the trousers in that size no longer fit as you have long legs. Babygrows in 3-6m fit fine on the body and arms but are way too small on your feet as they are rather long too. So your long legs and long feet are the reason why we have moved into 6-9m in some clothes. It's hard work and confusing when in two sizes especially to your Daddy! 

Again all good on the health front. You haven't even had a cold yet, touch wood. You seem to be teething but are dealing with it really well. I hope this means you are a good teether. You have been constipated on the odd few days but I figured out what was causing it, banana's. You love your banana's and I was giving you half a banana with your porridge for breakfast every morning. You now don't have them as much and you have been fine. 

I was making up 7oz bottles last month but we were wasting a lot of milk. I now make up 6oz bottles and you never drain them. You are having two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Breakfast tends to be porridge and fruit. Porridge is your favourite food. For dinner you have a veg puree or a meal blended up followed by a pudding. I try to give you cooled boiled water with your food but you only manage an oz or two and then want milk. You still love your food and we are yet to find anything that you don't liked. I am hoping this means you are going to carry on being a brilliant eater as you get older.

You tried meat for the first time last week when I blended up our homemade spaghetti bolognese, you devoured it. We have also introduced a few finger foods this last week; banana, spaghetti, biscotti but I still feel panicky about it. You have great hand eye coordination but when you are feeding yourself instead of sucking bits of the food off you literally bite off a huge chunk and I panic that you are going to choke on it. I know there's a huge difference between choking and gagging and that it's all a learning process but I can't help that it makes me feel this way. I know I feel more confident as time goes by and I don't let you see my worry. 

You still sleep great. Most nights it does take a few times to settle you but that is down to your dummy, it falls out, you want it back it. It's not a hassle but it's a habit we are going to have to overcome. You do have the odd night where you will wake up anytime between 4am and 6am for a bottle but then you will go back to sleep. You tend to sleep 8pm-9am, sometimes later. You sleep in your cot right beside my bed and I am guilty of bringing you into bed with me when Daddy has got up for work. 

You nap frequently throughout the day but only cat naps. I wish you just had one long nap in the afternoon rather than three 20 minute naps but at least you nap!  


- Laughing. You have been laughing for a few months now but we would have to tickle you most of the time to get one tiny laugh. On occasion you would laugh if we did something funny. Now you do it even when we aren't even trying to make you laugh. I tripped over yesterday and you ended up laughing your head up. 

- Confidence. You seem to have gained a lot of confidence with other people this month. When out and about you would be shy and reserved and sometimes cried. Now you give people smiles and chatter away to them. 

- Blowing. Not only do you blow bubbles but you just blow into thin air now and make a "puhh" noise when doing so. It's very cute. 

- Coordination. You are spot on with your coordination pretty much. When you reach for something its straight into your hand and then straight into the mouth. You now not only reach for things but push your body in the direction of the item that you want. 

- Vocal. You have been vocal from a young age and everyone commented on how well you were doing. Even though you have always been vocal there's times where you have a quiet spell and I really have to pry babbles out of you. This month lots more noises and sounds have come into your vocabulary. You have such an adorable voice. 

- Learning. Not only do you know your name but you are starting to recognise the odd word. Bottle, bok bok, dodo. It's amazing to see what you are learning week by week. 

- Sitting up. You are getting more steady and confident when it comes to sitting but I think we are going to be a while yet. You still can only roll front to back and are happy to be lounging around, you are very lazy. This month I am going to try to make you practice more. I know you are happy enough sitting on my lap but you need to learn Mr! 

- Movement. You can be sat in our lap or on the play mat and if there is something you want that is out of reach you make attempts at trying to reach for it. When you are sat on my knee and spot something that you want you will lurch forward to try and grab it. I now have to have a firm grip on you at all times! 

- Playing. You have always loved your toys but are finally really getting to enjoy them. I only have to place a couple of toys in front of you and I have made your day.

- Awareness. You seem to be paying attention to every little detail now, everything is becoming more interesting and you want to explore it all. 

- Food. You have been trying a lot more different foods this month and you sampled meat for the very first time last week. I made you spaghetti bolognese and it was the first time you have had a "proper" meal with us. As in a meal I've cooked for Daddy and I and you have had some blended up (before I added any salt) So your first home cooked meal was spaghetti! I bet it tasted so much better than just veg puree's that I've been making you!

Things you like

- Mummy and Daddy. We are still your favourites, naturally.

- Animals. Dog or cat when you see a live animal you get so excited and a huge smile appears on your face.

- Food. You are such a foodie! Especially when it comes to banana's and porridge.

- Other peoples food. It's begun. Whatever we are eating or drinking, you want it. When you notice we are eating you will stop whatever you are doing, even if you are drinking a bottle. You stop and reach out for some. Your Daddy was eating his tea the other night and put the spoon to his mouth, you thought it was coming to you so you sat there with your mouth wide open!

- Teddy's. Any size, shape or colour. You love them all. They are good for cuddles, sucking, chewing, biting, wrestling and chatting!

- Diet coke cans. This is a weird one and no you aren't having any! The minute you see us with a diet coke can your eyes light up, you get excited and want some. You don't get some. If you see a can on the table you will try to reach and grab it. If I put the can in front of you you will take it and attempt to drink it! Little naughty. You do this with most food and drink but especially with diet coke cans.

- The mirror. You love to look at yourself and other people in the mirror, you find it hilarious.

- My iPhone. You see it, you want it.

- Cuddles in bed. One of my favourite things too. Whether we are sleeping or just relaxing, we love it don't we Noah.

- Spongebob. You have been Spongebob mad from a few months old and you are still obsessed. As soon as you hear his voice or the theme tune you eyes are straight on the TV, transfixed. 

- Mummy and Daddy's laugh. When we laugh it makes you laugh and smile. It's amazing that you now associate laughing with a smile and laugh back. When did you learn that?!

- Holding hands. You are a little cutie. 

Things you don't like

- Sudden loud noises. I don't think the average adult likes them so it's no surprise that you don't either. 

- Getting dressed. Yes you still hate your arms being put in those sleeves. 

- The car. You used to love the car but now you tend to get bored easily and want out. 

- You don't like it when we walk out the room and leave you even if it's just for one second. You don't cry but you will call out or shout at us. When we come back in you give us a great big smile. 

I hope this next month doesn't fly past us so quickly as at this rate you will be 1 year old before we know it. You make us ever so proud every single day and are the best thing that has ever happened to us. We love you so much. 


  1. Aw hes adorable hun :) gone so quick already!


  2. He is adorable! What a gorgeous little smile.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  3. He is getting so big! He looks like a proper little boy - Love all his hair!! x

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