Happy Birthday Mummy

It was my Birthday yesterday and the sun decided to put his hat on for the day. I turned 26 years young and celebrated my first Birthday as a Mummy! Noah and I had a lovely lie in together whilst Nick went out to buy a new boiler for the house. I then woke up to a bacon butty and a pile of presents, which Noah helped me open. He would of helped me eat my butty too if I'd of let him!  

We spent the morning in the house then got ready to go on a little walk. The walk was a silly idea really as it was far too hot to walk. It was that hot we should of sat lounging around with cold drinks in our hands. Noah did pretty well in the heat. I slathered him in sun protection, sun hat on and kept him in the shade but the sun still wore him out. We then paid our Grandparents a visit for a welcomed cool down from the sun. 

Next up we paid one of our favourite posh pubs a visit. I ordered a cheeseburger and chips whilst Nick had a tuna melt panini, chips and salad. All washed down with Rekorderlig and Peroni. Perfect food and drink for the weather we are having. Noah was a good boy as usual and sat on our laps while we ate and drank. One of his favourite things to do is watch you eat, he is such a foodie and he finds it hilarious if you are eating at the same time as him. 

We then decided to go home to relax. It's so funny how the sun seems to tire you out. I stripped Noah to his nappy and we both fell asleep on the bed snuggled up together. We then woke up, spent a little more time together and got ready for bed properly! I wouldn't of wanted to spend my birthday with anyone or anywhere else. I had a lovely day. 


  1. Aww! Sounds like you had a lovely day!
    Happy belated birthday x

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday. Gosh -- Noah is such a cutie! x

  3. Happy Birthday Jenna! Sounds like you had a lovely day x