Letters to Noah - Growing up way too fast

Dear Noah,

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that you are now 6 months old. It feels like only yesterday when you was born and we brought you home. Now you are half a year old and you are not only starting to look so grown up but seem to learn something new everyday. It feels like I only need to blink to notice a change in you, it's so scary. I know I will look back at this post another 6 months down the line or in 6 years time and I will think time is still flying by. I didn't understand how fast time could pass until I became a parent. It's so bittersweet watching you grow and develop before my very eyes. On one hand I am deliriously happy seeing you learn a new noise, grow another curl or master a new trick but on the other it's sad because you are no longer that tiny little baby and it frightens me because it's all happening so quickly. I am scared that if I turn away I will miss something and I want to be there for every single first. I'm also frightened of forgetting the little things. I have such a bad memory and seem to remember a lot of unimportant moments but forget the moments I really want to remember. I thank god for technology as without my phone and photographs I fear I would forget bits and pieces but I find that the photo's really jog my memory. I just wish time would slow down, just a little bit. 

You have always been such a little character but this month your personality is shining. You are such a funny boy and you are so inquisitive. At the minute everything you set eyes on you want to explore, everything is interesting to you. You constantly have a smile on your face and that smile in contagious. I can feel really crummy for no particular reason and one smile from you and it dissipates. You are so affectionate too and are learning how to express it. You will touch my face, nuzzle into my neck or hold my hand. It honestly melts my heart. 

I never knew I could love so much. 

Mummy x



  1. I love writing letters to LP and Little Man. I think that is my favourite photo of him so far x

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