My gaming essentials

I've always been into gaming for as long as I can remember. From Crash Bandicoot on the PS1 or Pokemon on Gameboy. Gaming is definitely one of my favourite past times. I say past times because now as a new Mum I am lucky if I get chance to sit down with a cup of tea let alone indulge in a new game or two. That being said now when Noah goes to bed I am finding myself getting back into the gaming scene which led me to compile a list of my gaming essentials. 

Headsets- A top of the range headset can transform the way you play. You hear so much more with a good quality headset rather than just speakers. You can listen without any limits, picking up every little detail. You can communicate with your friends too all without irritating your other half or waking the baby! 

Controllers- You need to have a good quality and comfortable game pad. The cheaper versions are uncomfortable and don't have the buttons in the correct place. It definitely pays to invest in a decent game pad. 

Monitor/TV- To create the ultimate gaming experience you need a large, flat screen, high definition monitor or TV. This will offer a crystal clear picture and will bring your games to life.

Sound system- A cinema surround system will make you feel like you are actually in the game. You will hear every sound from every direction which will really add to the gaming experience. 

Gaming chair- Last but certainly not least is the gaming chair. When totally enthralled with your game the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable!

Snacks- Lets face it, the best gaming marathons usually last hours and you need to keep your energy up by having lots of naughty snacks! Bring on the Dorito's and M&M's! 

One place I always stop at for my gaming essentials is Gioteck. They stock what I need at a great price. My one stop shop for gaming accessories. What are your gaming essentials?

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  1. My main gaming essential would definitely have to be snacks, though I'm definitely considering investing in a game chair!


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