What's in my changing bag. Part 2

When Kiddicare contacted me asking if I would like to team up with them on a changing bag project they are running I was very excited to do so. I'm a self confessed nosey parker so there's no wonder why I enjoy reading those "What's in my handbag" or "What's in my changing bag" blog posts so much. A couple of months back I wrote all about the contents of my own changing bag (see here) and I really enjoyed blogging about it. Now that Noah is almost six months old (in 4 days time!) I have found that what I pack now is very different to what I packed two months ago. 

Here is what you will find in my changing bag;

Bottles - I NEVER leave the house without a bottle! Even if you are popping out for 5 minutes, the chances are if you don't pack one then your baby is going to want a feed. If we are out for the day I tend to pack three or four 6oz bottles of boiled water to use as and when Noah wants them. 

Milk Dispenser - The milk dispenser holds 3 measures of 3 feeds. Which is ideal for popping into your changing bag when you are on the go. You simply pour the section of formula into the cooled boiled water when your baby wants a feed.

Thermal Bottle Bag - To keep one bottle of water as warm as possible. 

Food Pouch - We are weaning Noah and he absolutely loves his food. I try to make the majority of his meals from scratch but find premade pouches are a godsend when out and about. 

Dish and Spoon - For his food of course. 

Snack - I sometimes pack a banana to mash up for Noah as a snack or a pudding after his tea. Banana's are his favourite but I am trying to limit them at the minute cause they tend to make him a little constipated. 

Dummy and Dummy Wipes - Noah has a dummy for nap time and bed time. I always make sure I pack a spare dummy and a pack of dummy wipes. 

Nappies and Wipes - Pretty obvious! I try to pack a full pack of wipes each time as Noah has a tendency to have multiple "poocidents" on days outs! 

Lotions and Potions - I always make sure I am carrying a pot of Sudocrem and a tube of Bonjela. My changing bag staples. 

Teething Rings - He is teething but dealing with it really well. He always has something in his mouth to gnaw on and he is just starting to understand what teething rings are for. 

Change of clothes/PJ's - A change of clothes is vital for your changing bag, one of the items I wouldn't leave without packing. His nappy could leak, he could be sick all down himself, he could be a bit messy at tea time. You need that spare change of clothes. I usually don't need it but I can guarantee the day I don't pack it, I will need it! I usually just pack a babygrow as not only can it be used as a quick change of clothes but it can be used as PJ's too. Sometimes if we end up visiting family and stay a bit longer than planned I will dress him in his PJ's before we set off home. I do this to prevent disturbing him if he has fallen asleep or is really crammed on the way home. 

Bibs - Noah is currently teething and being weaned so I now need to pack numerous bibs. Dribble bibs, bandana bibs, feeding bibs, velcro bibs.. you name it, I pack it. If he isn't soaking a bib through with drool within the hour he is slopping his dinner down it instead. We go through so many bibs in one day. 

JacketIt's a bit hit and miss is the weather lately so if he isn't wearing a jacket when we leave the house I will make sure I pack one.

Blanket -  Again with the weather changing on a daily basis I tend to pack a blanket just in case. I used to just pop one over him when in his pram but on the warmer days he doesn't need one. It's always best to have a lightweight one just in case. 

Comforter - I can't leave the house without one of Noah's many comforters. I think he would be okay without it but having one on hand helps soothe him and settle him when he is ready for a nap. 

Toys - Now that Noah is older he is harder to keep stimulated and entertained. He is really into his toys at the minute and where as I used to only need to pack one or two to keep him occupied I now need to pack half a dozen. I have half a toy store in my bag! 

What are your changing bag essentials?


  1. You've inspired me to think about doing a what's in my changing bag post! However I am quite ruthless and very often leave the house without a bottle haha! Think thats just because Amelia is that little bit older and she has 3 feeds at the exact same time everyday! My bag these days is fuuuulll of toys and bibs and muslins haha and obviously nappies etc! xx

  2. Looks like you are always well prepared :) I guess it's because we never go too far from home (don't have a car) and we're BF but I literally only take nappies, wipes, sudocrem, spare vest and a toy/teether! Quite dull. We're taking a 5 hour trip on train and ferry soon though... eek. So I'll need to be better prepared for that one xx

    1. I like to have everything there that I could possible need, ha ha. I hope your trip goes well! x

  3. Wow, you squeeze so much into your changing bag! x

    1. I know! I don't pack lightly ha ha. This is usually what I pack for a day out x

  4. Ah I do love changing bag posts! You seem to be able to fit loads in! X

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