Our home: Getting the keys

It's taken a good 3 months but we finally have good news! Tomorrow we are going to sign on the dotted line for our first home, we should leave with the keys! It doesn't seem real! 

We went to have a last look around the property this evening as it's been such a long time since we viewed it last. I forgot how big the house is. I think it will take a while to get used to the space considering we are living in such a small rented bungalow at the minute. It's going to be bliss having so much room and to not feel so confined anymore. 

Having a look at everything again tonight makes everything seem so much more real. The whole house and renovation project (which I blogged about here) is so daunting as there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Once we are in there and start the work we can tick off jobs as we go. Hopefully breaking it all down will make the whole project less frightening.  

We didn't waste any time and had the kitchen measured up tonight and my partners step Dad has already designed us a kitchen. Which means we have to make a final decision on which style we want to go for as we are getting the kitchen priced up tomorrow. I know I want a cream kitchen with wood works surfaces and I seem to sway towards the shaker style.  

After the months of waiting everything seems to be happening really quickly now. Lots of big decisions need to be made and quickly. Which is usually hard enough but being such an indecisive person like me makes it ten times worse. 

With so many jobs that need to be done on a limited budget, do you have any tips on making our money go further. Or any renovation or DIY tips you would like to share?


  1. Biggest tip is to remember to enjoy the journey as well as the destination :)

  2. Aw wow, it's so exciting. Good luck with everything.

    Alex x

  3. Good luck with your project, fantastic news you finally there!! My best tips are set a budget per project and stick to it, and take any offers of help from people you know,especially if they have good skills!! @msedollyp

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