Our home: One month later

I've been absent on the blog front for the past week, so I apologise for that. I've been so hectically busy that I haven't had chance to even tweet let alone write a blog post. I don't think I've ever been so busy or so stressed in my entire life! I know it's all going to be worth it though.

As you may know we recently bought our first home. We bought it at a steal of a price as it needed a lot of work doing to it. We had a month to gut and renovate the house. Just one month as that is how long we had left on our rented tenancy. A month was cutting it short and we didn't realise how much we underestimated our time scale until we were in the house and doing the work. But we couldn't of paid to stay in the rented house for another month cause we simply couldn't afford to pay rent on one house, a mortgage on the other and two sets of bills!

Our tenancy ended last weekend. We had to pack up all our belongings in our rented house but because our new house is still being worked on we only moved the big pieces of furniture. The rest of our things are all over the show, some at the new house, some at the in laws garage, some in the grandparents garage. It stresses me out to think about it as I have no idea where anything is. We also needed to clean the rented house from top to bottom to make sure we received all our deposit back. Packing and moving our furniture, cleaning the house, working on our new home all while looking after Noah was pretty difficult. We also had a big family wedding on that Saturday too which added to our list but it was a welcome bit of respite after our hectic week. As our house isn't ready yet we are currently living with the inlaws and we have no idea when we will be moving into our new home.  

Now lets talk about the progress on the house. Going into our new home we had a to do list as long as my arm but every time we completed one job another two or three was added to that list. So our long list is a very very long list now. 

Living room - Pretty much done. Walls were lined and painted. Alcoves and all woodwork sanded, painted and glossed. New carpet fitted. Ceiling painted. I'm in love with the front room and as it stands it's the only room that looks "finished".

Dining room - This room is one of the largest in the house and is currently being used as the dumping ground. We need space to store our tools and paint. But we have stripped all the wallpaper and half the room has been lined ready for painting. 

Kitchen - All units fitted. Intergrated fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine in place. Spot lights are being installed. We just need to do the odd few jobs with the kitchen units and then we have to floor it, tile it and paint it. 

Hallway & Landing - Mostly stipped. Needs lining and some walls need plastering. Carpet needed. 

Master bedroom - New ceiling up and spot lights being installed. It needs to be papered and painted. Carpet needed.

Bathroom - Possibly the worst room in the house. There is nothing in it. It's totally stripped and the walls are a terrible condition so it needs to be fully re plastered. Bathroom needs to be installed and the full monty when it comes to tiling. 

Noah's room - Noah's room is next to the bathroom so his wall needs to be re plastered too. It needs the works; paper, paint, carpet. 

We have had the house fully rewired with new sockets. A brand new energy efficient boiler installed. The house had never had central heating so we needed to buy a full set of radiators and copper pipes. Then pay for it to be installed. All that is done now though so I can breathe a sigh of relief! 

As you can tell a lot is yet to be done but we have made a great start! 


  1. What a lovely home your going to have Jenna, hope everything runs smoothly for you guys. Ps. I love Noah's little curls he's getting- so cute xx

  2. It's so exciting! The hard work will pay off xx

  3. I can imagine how stressful it must all be but it's totally going to be worth it :) I look forward to reading more updates! xx

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